One set of Heather Ross Munki Munki pajamas waiting for me at Marshalls. Hmm, I might like to wear these once or twice before cutting them up.


  1. Barbara said

    I would save the pants to wear but cut the top immediately!

  2. Amy said

    As much as I dislike shopping these days, I may have to go to Marshall’s to see if I can find some of these!

  3. Katy said

    I would like some to actually wear. I know, it’s shocking, but they look so comfy.

  4. lily boot said

    you’re not! you’re not going to cut them up are you! oh my goodness – they are so sweet and lovely! I’m with Barbara – if you must cut, keep the pants and cut the top. They’re so beautiful! If only we’d been sensible and bought whole bolts of this fabric when it first came out.

  5. Score! — indeed! Have fun!

  6. Anita said

    No Way! I would NEVER cut these beauties up! I would put them on and wear them endlessly. There is nothing better than sewing in your pajamas. And cute pajamas would make it even better!

  7. AnnieO said

    Oh, go ahead and cut it up! Who wears a flannel top when a nice comfy T shirt or tank top works just as well! I never go to Marshall’s but it’s nice to see quality flannel is being used 🙂

  8. Miriam said

    They are too cute to cut up!!!!!

  9. Chase said

    They are adorable. are you sure you want to cut up? wish we have marshall near by.

    happy friday~

  10. poppyprint said

    Hilarious comments…cut! don’t cut! I’m just so jealous that you have a Marshalls and Munki Munki pj’s to boot!

  11. Cathy said

    Ooh gorgeous!!! xo

  12. What a debate going on! It’s a tough call. I’m not a pj person so I’d be cutting, but there is something to be said for keeping the pants…

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