A Love-ly winner!

Now that you’ve all heard of Sweetest Day, did you have a nice Sweetest Day? I hope you did!

I can tell that everyone is enthusiastic about Amy Butler’s new fabric. I only wish I had enough Love (fabric) to share with all of you!  Alas, only one of you is lucky though. Who is it????


Why, it’s Janice! Hi Janice! Congratulations!

Thanks to everyone for commenting, blog posting and generally sharing the love of Love!!



  1. Stephanie said

    BIG congratulations to Janice. How I spent my Sweetest Day? Stay tuned…

  2. Congratulations to Janice!

    My husband’s birthday is today, but we started the celebration a little early by having dinner out with daughter, her bf, and our son at a favorite local restaurant last night (Sweetest Day). We had so much fun and laughed so loud, I’m a little surprised that we didn’t get kicked out. I never laugh so much as when I’m with my own little family.

    Oh, dang it! I should have wished you Happy Sweetest Day on your FB page. Maybe next year….

  3. Janice said

    Thank you i am surprised will be in touch with my address
    Please wish your Husband a Very Happy Birthday
    Hugs Janice

  4. Congratulations to Janice! Love that Love.

  5. Kim D. said

    Congrats to Janice!! Lucky winner..

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