My biases

I’ve been sewing up a bunch of bias-y edges. I was a little nervous. But we did just fine together:


I cut the blocks with Bella Nonna’s Boondoggle ruler. Using the ruler made it fun and fast. The thing I liked best about the ruler was that center lines and their seam lines were marked on the ruler — which made it very easy to cut the setting and corner triangles. I mean, I would have figured it out, but it’s nice that the ruler did it for me. Sweet!

The fabrics are mostly from the latest colorway of Pillow & Maxfield’s Whimsy fabric. Of the three colorways, this one is my favorite. Not that there’s a bad colorway in the bunch. They are all big, bold and beautiful. The important Three Bs of fabric…

Now, I just need to finish sewing down the binding on the Full Bloom (taking forever…) quilt. AND, I also need to get some starts stuck to a blue sweater:


I’m voting for using Fabric Tac but my conscience for some reason is pushing for hand sewing them on. We are on a tight time frame here, people (there’s more than one voice in my head?), and someone is going to a Halloween party on Saturday night as Coraline. Sorting out the blue hair turned out to be tricky. One bottle of demi-permanent hair color and two wigs later, I think we’ve got it. But, gosh, there are A LOT of blue sweaters to consider at the thrift store.

Hope your week is going well!



  1. Gorgeous new quilt-in-progress. I have a big diamond thing going on right now — plus, I love the colors!

  2. Miriam said

    Ohhhh I love that fabric!! You did a perfect job of sewing your biases!!

    I hope Coraline has a ball on Saturday night!

  3. That quilt is just gaaahjus and the fabric, ditto. I’ve never seen nor heard of it before! You are the queen of amazing fabric, I must say. Good luck with your little Coraline. My 10 year old is looking to go as the King. She and Elvis share a birthday. The hair is proving to be the tricky part for us, too.

  4. ohmigosh, I just noticed your dollies online button is animated! Too cute!

  5. Janet said

    I love what you’re doing with the fabrics and the colours are wonderful.

  6. MichelleB said

    That quilt is darling! And you know that you want to go with Fabric Tac. Because really = will the sweater ever be warn again?

  7. Amy said

    Thumbs up on the whimsy quilt. Cute, Cute, Cute!!!

  8. Jackie said

    Love that quilt! Biases can be a pain to work with, but you just have to play nice with one another and everything is okay!

  9. auntiepami said

    It is so cute!

  10. Sarah said

    Oh, you’re so biased. 😉

  11. Cathy said

    I love your diamond quilt, I have made one like that in aqua and green Kaffe’s, but I’m loving this colourway better. Haven’t seen that diamond ruler before, thanks for the link xo

  12. Stephanie said

    Someone is going to look fantastic in her costume! I had to go look to see who Coraline is. GORGEOUS quilt–yes, love those blues. Thanks for the ruler tip. I like reviews on books and tools.

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