I’m pretty excited that this thing is DONE! Do you have a quilt from time to time that you just want to move on with its life? The fabrics were gorgeous to work with, the blocks went together well. And then we got to the border. Decided to do a different approach with the border. Similar to Bari J’s but with a different execution. There were times I thought about execution. Mainly it was during the quilting process. And my pin shortage when I was basting. Which caused the quilt to shift. Some layers of fusible web didn’t help. There may have been some swearing. And then I did unspeakable things. The quilt police gave me a citation. I think I’ll be going to the slammer if I do it again, they said.





I am happier with it than I thought I would be. You know, no hard feelings.

The fabrics are Bari J’s Full Bloom collection (for the most part, excluding stripes and borders). You can find her free Garden Tea Party pattern at her blog or at the Windham web site.



  1. sandy said

    WOW that is too sweet. thanks.

  2. Nichole said

    that quilting is gorgeous!

  3. Janet said

    Great finish and you’re so good on the machine quilting, love what you’ve done.

  4. Very pretty! A little summer bouquet for the upcoming winter :).

  5. pam said

    Love the border, I like it better on the border fabric than the original, although the original is lovely as well.

  6. Stephanie said

    Now that is one gorgeous quilt! Worth every swear word, honest!

  7. I love all the color you have going on between yesterday’s post and today!!!

  8. Love that border. Goes perfect with the quilt.

  9. Rachael said

    I’m super impressed– love it!

  10. Jackie said

    It looks fab! Your efforts paid off!

  11. AnnieO said

    Ummm, if you go in the slammer, can I have this quilt?

  12. MichelleB said

    It came out great! Love it. I just had to buy more pins – mostly because too many are in use on UFO’s – Ack! But then I found the extra package of pins that I had already bought. I should just a lot of basting done and use them all up. Again.

  13. Janice said

    Really lovely very nice, someone said to me we are our own worst critics so don’t be hard on yourself it great
    Hugs Janice

  14. Debbie said

    I love the quilt and the quilting is gorgeous.
    I love to do free motion, but I procrastinate doing that part on the larger quilts, but need to sit down and finish some.


  15. Zarina said

    I love how you border the quilt – must find big floral fabric now.

  16. Annie said

    I love that you share your problems with quilts and break a few rules, it gives me confidence that i’m not the only one breaking rules. By the way I love the quilt it’s bright and happy and your quilting is devine. I am about to attack one of your Dolly Quilt designs for material obsession and I’m a bit nervous, wish me luck.

  17. Anna Fogg said

    So wonderfully made…question…are the edges of flowers overlaying the border raw? When washed, will it do what Bari’s did? So, so lovely.

    ~anna in md of Bohemian Cotton

  18. nanette said

    I love the flowers. You did a fabulous job, as usual.

  19. Gorgeous quilt – worth the time it took to finally get it DONE!

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