Happy Halloween!


May you not get any rocks in your treat bag!

Um, that’s a button carved into our pumpkin a la Coraline… kinda looks like nothing without some context. We’re keeping with a theme here, people!



  1. Jackie said

    I just love buttons! Happy Halloween!

  2. LOL — thanks for the explanation. I thought at first it was a bowling ball with too many holes :). Way to go with the theme!


  3. ‘nothing without some context’….hilarious. Hope Coraline enjoys herself tonight! I love original pumpkin ideas!

  4. Love your theme!

  5. Cathy said

    I thought bowling ball too!!! Who put rocks in your treat bag?!! xo

  6. AnnieO said

    I love the button pumpkin but am glad you ‘splained it! I didn’t carve my pumpkins as I jealously wanted to display them for the rest of the season. But we had HORDES of treat or trickers last night, HORDES. Bought 9 bags of candy and had to borrow a sack of 100 more pieces. I turned off the lights at 9 pm but there were still HORDES out there!

  7. sewpam63 said

    LOVE it!!! : ) I like rocks…

  8. aneela said

    Surely I’m allowed to say ‘I see you have halloween all buttoned up there!’

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