Friday? Again?

Honestly. Where does the week go? Just a minute ago, it was Monday. I think I meant to post on Monday. Time flies when you’re, well, doing stuff. Not that it has been exciting stuff. Yesterday I washed dogs and all of the one-thing-leads-to-another related accoutrements. Well, here we are.

First off, I joined Andi’s Pay It Forward, which I am very excited about! So, now I’m looking for three people who want to Pay It Forward. If you would like to receive a handmade gift from me, and are willing to make and send a handmade gift along to three of your blog readers, please let me know in the comments. Once you accept, you will receive something from me within 365 days. In turn, you will have 365 days to fulfill your end of the bargain. So, if you would like to accept the challenge and commit to keeping this going, leave a comment.

EDITED TO ADD: You all are QUICK! 🙂 I’ll be sending to:


Among other things I’ve gotten myself into, I’m intending to quilt along with Kellie’s Joseph’s Coat Quilt-along. I really love this pattern. I’ve made a small beginning by deciding on a background:


Moda Bella Solid in grey — a nice chalky mid-grey.

I’ve wrangled some of the Stitch N Wash too (although I keep thinking of it as Wash N Stitch — which just doesn’t make sense):


Although, I just saw an ad today for a new product from C&T Publishing — Wash Away Applique Sheets. Sounds like it does the same thing AND you can send it through your ink-jet printer. Which appeals to me as I’ve drafted my Joseph’s Coat applique placement guide on the computer. I could send sheets and sheets of petal shapes through. Wheeee. But I won’t. Because I already have Stitch N Wash. FYI then.

In 2007, I saw this beauty from the Tokyo International Quilt Festival. Stunning, no? Here, I must stop and thank Jan because, while I remembered this quilt, I couldn’t find the photo. I sent her a vaguely worded SOS and she tracked down the photo for me. THANKS, JAN! Anyhoo, at the time I saw this, I was entranced. I have a lovely green background and the “border” print in green to do something inspired by that quilt. Oh, and I bought these:


I recall a couple of attempts at piecing the blocks. But, as I said before, time flies and here we are in 2009. While I don’t know if I will keep up, I will give it a try and will appreciate the motivational inspiration Kellie’s quilt-along provides. I have to try not to get mired in indecision when it comes to the color scheme for the petals. To be continued…

Oh, and I decided that nine spider web blocks is enough for now:


All righty! Hope you had a good week. Don’t forget, if you’d like to join my Pay It Forward, please leave a comment. (FILLED)



  1. Jan said

    I’d love to join your Pay It Forward. I just finished one and look forward to another.

  2. MichelleB said

    I’d love to be part of your PIF! Love that spider web quilt, too!

  3. Jenny said

    please may I join your PIF?

  4. Doris said

    Oh, I’m #4! I wanted to be in your PIF!

  5. Jenny said

    ok, just posted on my blog for my part of the PIF. Im really excited about this, thanks for the offer!!

  6. Andi said

    Wow. So glad you’ve got your PIF happening.
    Wonder what you’ll make?
    By the looks of this post, it will be something truly beautiful.
    Hope my gift will be as nice.
    Andi 🙂

  7. aneela said

    I need to get some of the stitchnwash and feed it through my printer………though I have no clue as to whether I have an inkjet or a laser printer so s’pose best find that out first…..
    Oh and nine spidery blocks = perfect!

  8. Katy said

    darn. I leave the house for the first time in weeks just as you’re having a pif. That’ll teach me.

    I’ve bought the template plastic, and the stitch and wash or stitch and tear or whatever the stuff is called….but so far that’s all I’ve done for the quilt along. It’s a start, isn’t it?

    The spideys look beautiful. I love the solid centres.

  9. Janet said

    The Moda Bella looks lovely, almost like linen. I have to say the stitch n wash doesn’t dissolve, I’ll be cutting my backgounds and tearing it away. I tested it but the fusible on it is soluble.
    The spiderweb looks wonderful, I love the two backgrounds, it makes it extra interesting. I do love a red quilt.

  10. Miriam said

    I love your spider webs!!!

    Those tea leaves blocks look great!

    I’ve joined Kellie’s Quilt along too……just waiting for my fabric to arrive.

  11. I adore your spiderweb quilt. The solids in the middles are just gorgeous. I look forward to seeing the PIF giftees swirling around. I’m tempted to try and get in, but then become instantly nervous that I won’t get the giftees done in time because I’m a chronic project starter and pathetic project finisher! Although 365 days do seem quite enough to make three things….

  12. I thought gray went out in the 1980’s. But matched with the red, it’s wonderful!

  13. Jan said

    That spiderweb quilt is stunning in the French General! I’m usually not a fan of single group quilts, but this one’s a beauty.
    Thanks for the shout out, happy to help. I love the thrill of the hunt!!

  14. Jackie said

    You have had quite a busy week. I love posts with random musings. The Joseph’s coat quilt will be just fabulous!! I can’t wait to see your version. It will be fantastic. Your applique is just perfection. I love your spiderweb quilt, awesome!!

  15. Lovely gray background fabric for the quiltalong, and — you know — I think I like the name tea leaves better ;). Can’t wait to see what will go with it. I also love your spiderweb quilt. Well done!

  16. I’ve just discovered floriani products here in the UK and will be giving them a go. I saw a video on Sharon Schamber’s website showing needle turn applique using the stuff and had to have a go…worked brilliantly!

  17. Love the spider web quilt in Rouenneries. Do you think the Moda Bella solid grey that you’ve shown blends with the Rouenneries line? I need a background for a project I’m getting ready to start but I didn’t want to go too light. Thanks!

  18. Cathy said

    And now its Sunday already, yikes!!! I love your background for your jacobs coat Amy, can’t wait to see what you put on top of it!!! And as for your spidery quilt, stunning! xo

  19. Karen said

    The Spiderweb quilt is great – love the red and grey colour combination.

  20. Jennifer said

    Amy, love this quilt!!

  21. Kim said

    GORGEOUS! Love this quilt Amy!!!!

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