Mail call!

Banner week in the mailbox department! You may recall that Cathy hosted a giveaway recently. Pinch me, I won this gorgeous set of stacking rings from the generous Louise:

Admit it, you wish you were me. I’m going to holler now: I LOVE THESE RINGS! I felt lucky that Cathy introduced me to Louise’s work, but then I won the rings and can’t believe how lucky I am! As you can see from my somewhat rough hewn hands, I am not a girly girl. Louise’s style suits me so well. You can often find me clicking on the items in her shop and dreaming. You MUST see more of Louise’s GORGEOUS work at her shop! Thank you, Cathy, for hosting the giveaway and THANK YOU, Louise! I really love the rings!!

Still can’t believe my luck!

The Royal Mail was busy with me today because some of Aneela’s adorable fabrics arrived as well:

Such cute designs!! Really sweet and playful! Aneela has been making some really fun things with her prints and with her collection of Heather Ross prints. Adorable!

A couple of new books hopped into my Amazon cart last week:

Wonderful books! Highly recommended!

A happy package also arrived from Australia:

This issue of Down Under Quilts contains Sarah Fielke and Sue Spargo’s collaborative design, Peacocks and Plumage. Not that you would know that by looking at my photo…which covers over that detail in the bottom right corner. Ooops! Sarah sent along some delicious fabrics for me to play with as well. Thanks, Sarah!

Many things going on around here this week besides checking the mail box. All of them half finished. Yesterday as I was quilting the Rouenneries spider web quilt, I RAN OUT OF THREAD. You would think I would have a suitable substitute for light beige quilting thread. Um, no, actually I don’t. I had been putting off a little mail ordering from Arizona. And look what happened. So, I got out a quilting hoop to work on a little “accent” quilting while I await the UPS truck:

The loopy part was done while I still had machine quilting thread…. See, I can find things to do while I wait.

Speaking of waiting, I’ve had a silly story to tell you ALL WEEK. But I have been waiting on Mr. Fed Ex Ground ALL WEEK so I can get to the story’s ending. Harumph. It even has a topical theme. But you’ll have to wait to hear it.

So, go find something to do while you wait! Enjoy the weekend!



  1. Stephanie said

    Yes, I’ll admit to a wee bit of envy over the ring! You sure had one terrific mail week!

  2. Cathy said

    Oh Wow Amy, what a post!!! And Wow Louise, your rings look fabulous on Amy!! She was so quick at getting them to you, aren’t they divine? As for everything else you got in the mail this week, where do I start? Aneela’s fabric is gorgeous, I love Malka’s book, I have Sarah and Sue’s pattern, yay! and your spidey quilt is amazing. I love that you have used two different styles of quilting, how fun, and they look fabulous together. I will be waiting (perhaps not so patiently!) for the end of the story, hope it comes fast!! Thanks for all they eye candy here xo

  3. Janet said

    The ring has gone to the right person, congratulations. Love the contrast of the machine and hand quilting on the spiderweb, it looks great.

  4. It looks like those rings found the perfect home with someone who truly appreciates them! They are wonderful! I keep seeing that table runner book on various blogs — must be a good one. Nice shot of your Rouenneries quilt! Can’t wait to see it all finished!


  5. Yes! I admit it! My name was on those rings, love them! I also love what you have done with the Rouenneries fabrics, mine arrived in my letter box only this week. They are a little outside of my comfort zone, but I hope to do something interesting with them.


  6. Beautiful quilt in that last picture…love the colours. The machine quilting with and handquilting looks great!

  7. Jackie said

    Yes, I am jealous! I entered the giveaway and didn’t win. But I am glad you did. I have the skinny book too. Both of them, might I add. Love them!! So glad you can occupy your time while you wait.

  8. Actually, Superior Threads is in Utah. but we are at the very bottom of the state, just minutes away from the Arizona/ Nevada line. So you were close! Believe it or not, but Las Vegas is the closest big city and we have to drive 2 hours South to get there. Nothing but very small towns, Indian reservation, and mostly DESERT inbetween. One claim to fame is that we are about a 1/2 hour drive to Zion National Park, and very close to many National Parks. The scenery of Southern Utah is fabulous.
    Let me know how your Superior Threads order goes. I’d love to see what you picked.

  9. Your Rouenarries spider web quilt is awesome and isn’t it interesting that you ran out of tread just so you could add that adorable hand stitched touch to the quilt. Perfect.

  10. I love how you’re quilting it!

    And running out of thread at an inopportune time is something I can empathize with. At least you didn’t let it slow you down!

  11. Katy said

    those rings look wonderful – they’re so pretty!!!!

    LOVE how you’re quilting the spiderweb – I wonder if I have the patience (or the strength in my old weak wrists and hands) to hand quilt around my stars too? Hmmm……..(off to ponder that for a while)

  12. aneela said

    Now here is a funny thing, I’ve definatley checked your blog for updates over the weekend but this new post has only just arrived on my screen today (monday)!! Glad to see the treasury contents of your mailbox including the beautiful ring. No wonder you are enjoying a little hand quilting whilst maybe admiring your jewellary addition at the same time……perhaps?!

  13. aneela said

    oooh and glad your fabrics arrived safely!! Thanks for the linky!

  14. lily boot said

    lovely hand quilting! You’re so clever and inspiring dear girl 🙂 I know what you mean about thread. At the moment, I have no needles. No, that’s a lie – I have one needle that looks like a cross stitch needle but has a sharp point. It’s currently being used to finish ends on knitting, cross stitch and quilt. God help me if I lose it because there’s nothing else. How do we stitchers get into such conundrums?

  15. nanette said

    Really trying to catch up with everyone . . . love the ring! And all the stuff.

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