I am totally going to use this fabric

…for some other project.

Yes, I can finish the story I mentioned on Friday. But it got a little funnier over the weekend.

See, I finally decided on a color scheme for the petals for Kellie’s Joseph’s Coat Quilt-along. I’m going for the colors in Kaffe’s Umber Lotus Leaf fabric. After making some fabric selections, the colors fell flat on the grey above. So, I ordered a darker Kaufman Kona grey — coal, to be exact. My story was going to be about my penchant for dithering when it comes to background fabrics.

Heehee, but before my new fabric arrived, I saw Cathy’s post. The coal color wasn’t working out for her. I laughed. She could have just sent me hers. heehee!

Anyhoo, a Very Important Parcel arrived on Saturday:

I mean to tell you, I LOVE the urgent yellow color of Hancock’s of Paducah’s packaging! I love it! It says Coming through, urgent and important stuff inside!

And, voila:

Much better!

I’ve left this on the dining room table all day. Each time I pass by, I get a smile on my face. Yes, that’s the grey I needed for this project! The lighter grey will definitely be put to good use. In another project.

Speaking of finding the right color… I’m short on all kinds of thread these days. Today was the day to admit that I need more piecing thread. I’ve been avoiding it only because, well, you see, I have several-many wayward Aurifil caps but wasn’t quite sure which belong to my two “go to” colors. I selected the four below based on number of occurrences in the pile. After some investi-guessing, I have concluded that I need a cone of 5011 and a cone of 2605. I think. Well, that’s what’s been ordered so that’s what is right right now.

I’m sure there is a better system for this.



  1. Jackie said

    Yes, that color definitely looks fantastic! Especially against the Kaffes!! You sound like me and thread, just gotta have it.

  2. Angela said

    I love that coal! It makes the colors just sing. Perhaps I need to add that to my stash 🙂

  3. Stephanie said

    Gorgeous coal with those autumnal colors! Mmmm…M & M’s good…have you seen the new 42 oz bag of Christmas M & Ms? Almost finished a bag. I’m wandering…

  4. Kona Koal is perfect with Kaffe!

  5. Andi said

    The coal looks wonderful with your petals.
    It’s gonna be GORGEOUS!!!
    Andi 🙂

  6. Jenny said

    wow, great choice. and glad to know I am not the only one excited about Hancock’s neon yellow bags

  7. Cindy said

    I use coal all the time …LOVE it!

  8. Janet said

    Yummy colours there for your JC, they look great with the coal.

  9. Love the grey!

    What would happen if you taped a piece of that thread to the cap when you first open it? You wouldn’t have to keep all the caps, but it would give you a reference system so you know which colour is the one.

  10. Your Joseph’s Coat quilt will look smashing! Very sophisticated color scheme!

  11. quintadaquilter said

    Love the colors for Joseph’s Coat – now I might have to play too! Tempting!

    Where have youpurchased your cones from – cannot find them anywhere in the area I live.


  12. Sarah said

    I got one of those urgent parcels today too!! As usual we are living lives in alternate universes….. mine was FULL of delicious new Kaffe fabrics though, will share later in the evening after first wading through “piles of other things that have to be done” 😦

  13. Debs said

    OOh, you’ve just solved a problem for me too, Amys Love also looks lovely against the Kona coal, one of those lovely bright Hanncocks packages on it’s way across the Atlantic to me too!

  14. maria said

    I would never think to use grey fabric but it looks stunning with your beautiful fabrics.

  15. Cathy said

    I SO wish I had known you were going to order it Amy, you could have had mine!!!!lol. I am still waiting for my urgent parcel (what a great way of putting it, it is just like that!) to arrive with my darker grey, next week I think. Your coal looks Fabulous with your petal choice, I love it. Your petal fabrics are a beautiful combo, a couple of older kaffe’s with some newies, what is that gorgeous pink dot? We had some lovely Kaffe’s at my house today, you might want to come and see!!! xox

  16. auntiepami said


    Why don’t you get a color card for Aurifil? It is really nice to have it on the wall with my Superior cards.

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