Cones of plenty

I was finishing up this top:

when the mail carrier arrived. I’ve been trying to make time for a little something Authentic. It was one of those make it up as you go along things. Which is not really the best approach in the interest of time. Because I cut a set of strips, sewed them together, liked what was going on and then proceeded to cut another set of strips. Which finally led to a third session of strip cutting and sewing to finish the job. Indirect but not necessarily as inefficient as it felt, I guess.

So, the mail carrier resolved the impending piecing thread crisis:

A little later the UPS man solved the quilting thread crisis:

I ordered the Superior direct from Superior. I ordered the Aurifil from a new to me place called Pumpkinvine Corner. Pumpkinvine has great prices on Aurifil. Had to order two cones to get the superb cone price but I will definitely go through these.

Ahh, that’s better to have the thread pantry re-stocked.

So what did I do after the thread issues were resolved? Played with the tape, of course:

And I ran out of tape while doing this.

For the U.S. readers, may you and your families have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’m going to gobble up some Tofurkey.




  1. Tara said

    Really, are you a vegetarian? And um, how do you you use a cone of thread? Does it fit on a normal machine somehow? Do you ahve a crazy cool machine that has a cone spindle? Love the authentic quilt and like that you didn’t have a plan, yet stuck to it!

  2. The Authentic quilt is adorable! Very interesting fabrics. And I’m totally intrigued by your little taped swatches.

  3. Janet said

    I love that authentic line of fabric. Anything with text on it. Thanks for the link. I’m going to get some cones. Great price. Thread is so expensive in Oz

  4. Katy said

    aaahhhh, superior highlights…I wonder if the moody German would like that (she is not enjoying quilting with king tut – despite the pfaff man telling me that’s what she likes to eat best, I think he was lying). I never thought about highlights. I’m going to have little search for it (and you so know you’re going to get an email with a billion questions, don’t you?)

    I really need to start my joseph’s coat. Really must start it. Or maybe I can just steal yours when you’ve finished?

  5. Jackie said

    Ahhhh yes, definitely cones of plenty!! Love what you picked up and it should solve any thread crisis you will have in the future. Happy Tofurkey day!

  6. Love the design as you go approach, probably because that is how I usually function. I’m not good at and don’t always enjoy planning ahead (e.g., even for long trip I tend to just start tossing things into a suitcase the night before), and I guess I’m the same when it comes to quilting. Perhaps I’m just not got at visualization. And you seem to be planning ahead and visualizing something interesting with those little fabric swatches. I’ll be waiting to hear/see more.

  7. lily boot said

    luverly quilt Amy! It’s so elegant and cool. I’m the same – my planning is hopeless and when I’ve finished making something, I always know how to do it better next time! May you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving – lots of warmth, love, happiness and just the right amount of food. I think celebrating the giving of thanks is such a marvellous tradition – we might just have to have one here ourselves – only we don’t have the “game”. Oh I guess we could watch cricket – the west indies are across the road as I write, whacking that little ball around the Gabba. Anyways – happy thanksgiving my lovely friend 🙂

  8. Susan said

    Whoo hoo! Is there another vegetarian quilter out there? I was beginning to think I was the only one!

  9. Sarah said

    Happy Thanksgiving mate – eat that tofurkey up or you know I’ll throw it at you again 🙂 enjoy your holiday, so many things to be thankful for – dolly quilts, tofurkey, urgent yellow and sea salt chocolate x

  10. beth said

    love your quilt. I think I work the same way…make decisions as I go…too much planning spoils it for me. 🙂 And thanks for the info on thread…looks like you won’t need to buy that for a little while.

  11. Jennifer said

    Your quilt is beautiful!! Love Superior threads and love King Tut. Being a Pfaff user, I am surprised Katy is having trouble… is the thread a little old? Maybe some Sewer’s Aid (liquid silicone) would help?

  12. nanette said

    I ordered thread too. It is that time of year I guess where our sewing eats thread. Love the quilt.

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