Hope Valley happy

Can’t wait for Denyse Schmidt’s new Hope Valley fabric to arrive in my mailbox. Free Spirit has a very attractive free Hope Valley quilt pattern at its web site and Denyse Schmidt has new patterns as well. Love that Cog + Wheel quilt! Well, love all the new patterns… Happy, happy, happy…



  1. Jenny said

    I am with you! I just ordered some Hope Valley from Santa Claus!! Can’t wait to see what everyone is doing with these prints!

  2. I LOVE that Hope Valley quilt pattern. I don’t have any Hope Valley coming to me, but I think whip something up from my stash in my free time — what?

  3. Katy said

    I can’t wait for it show up in my mailbox either. And now you’ve got my head whirring with possible quilts. Darn you.

  4. Cathy said

    Oooh thanks for the link to that stunning free quilt pattern, I can see that made up in all sorts of different colourways, isn’t it stunning? I imagine it would wip up pretty quickly. Perhaps I can see it made up in some grey kona cotton!!!! Denyse’s new fabric reminds me of op shops!! I love it, but haven’t ordered any yet xo

  5. Thanks for the link to that quilt pattern. I have some Hope Valley on order and CAN’T WAIT TO GET IT!!

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