The twins

It’s been a productive week! I really find that the best thing I can do for myself is to remind myself to just keep moving. It’s easy to get bogged down when there is a lot to do, but if I just keep moving on SOMETHING on the to do list, more actually gets done! You can see that these bold, italicized reminders are for me.

I have a set of twins to show you:

Month 1 — Hurry Home — for Dollies Online!

One for Sarah, one for me. That’s part of the Dollies Online program for us — we each make two quilts when it’s our month — one to keep and one to send. Like many of us, I don’t usually enjoy making the same thing twice, but it was fun to re-visit the fabrics and see the differences one fabric cut makes. Can you see the round of green and blue buttons? The button strip on the left got all the small hole-less buttons; the one on the right got the big buttons with holes. The different cuts of the Bones and the English Roses fabrics were fun to uncover as well. See, easily amused over here.

You can still sign up for Dollies Online patterns. You might want to ask Santa to put a subscription under the tree for you! I’ve put a reminder of program details below.

With that, one of these quilts is going to get popped in to the mail. Hopefully it will not get swept away in the flurry of holiday mailing!

Have a lovely weekend! I’m off to keep moving…


Dollies Online! You do love a good dolly quilt, don’t you? Well, we have a program of 12 months of dolly quilt patterns for you beginning in January 2010 — six patterns from Sarah, six patterns from me! Dolly quilts are a great way to try new methods in a small project, so we’ll be exploring a variety of techniques. We will be sure to share our tips for success in every quilt.

The program will run through the Sew n Sell site. You can sign up for all 12 months at once at a savings of $5 AUS per pattern. With the 12-month sign-up, you will also receive a free pattern for the adorable Dollies Online logo quilt. You can also purchase the patterns individually on a monthly basis for $15 AUS each.



  1. Katy said

    I’m as easily amused as you when it comes to fabric cutting. The twins are beauties – gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

  2. Janet said

    Wonderful, just so much fun to look at. I love how the stripe cut up, very zingy.

  3. Cathy said

    Congratulations on your babies…twins no less!! I love the colours you have used here, delicious xo

  4. belinda said

    Wow…I got s-o-o-o behind on what you have been up to over here…(I took
    a little time off ya know). I scrolled through about your last 14-ish posts and
    here are some of the thoughts that went through my head as I read.
    W-a-y too cute girl!
    Yes….I love that fabric too!!
    Barij is a great blog…earmark this one!!
    Hhhhmmm….I wonder if I would like those books too?
    Superior Threads-hubby keeps telling me to get some order-maybe I should!
    Ohhhhh…I remember playing with paper dolls-(note to self-go check this out)
    Wonder how she got those holes in her pumpkins???
    French General is to ‘die for’!
    Ok…now I feel totally inadequate!!!

  5. Nedra said

    Love those Kaffes.

  6. A-Dore-Able! Thank you for the reminder to keep moving. At the moment, I’m firmly attached to my office chair catching up on all my bloggy friends after 2 weeks on vacation, but right after that, I’ve really gotta MOVE! Love the twins.

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