I haven’t committed myself to much holiday gift sewing this year. Just a few items at most. I finished one this morning.

Side one:

Side two (lest you think I made two of these this morning):

Need a QUICK cozy gift? Look no further than Kathy Mack’s Rubblework Scarf. Did you know that Kathy’s Pink Chalk Fabrics has a slew of cute downloadable patterns if you’re in a hurry? A slew! And cute!

I put my first EVER piece of Minkee (Tween) on the back for an extra factor of cozy and, well, because I’m giving it to my tween. Poor kid, we’re trying our best to camouflage her giant pink winter coat with blue and green accessories.  Well, you know, I bought the pink coat a size or two larger when it was on sale two years ago and now we don’t prefer pink. But it fits and it’s warm, so we’re not buying a new one. But a girl can accessorize.

So, that’s one sewn gift done. I cut enough extra pieces that I can make another one for a friend’s upcoming birthday. I think she already has a green coat. Lucky girl.



  1. HA! I had NO IDEA you were doing this when I was joking about scarves yesterday! You totally fed that to me subliminally. *walks away from the computer, chuckling*

  2. MichelleB said

    Darling! I love it – and I’m sure she will too. Those are great fabrics.

  3. Jackie said

    Accessorizing is key! She will be the coolest tween around!

  4. Janet said

    Everyone will want one! It’s going to look great with a pink coat.

  5. Tiffany said

    Patterned minkee! I love it….thanks for showing = perfect for a scarf 🙂

  6. Michele C said

    I have that pattern and haven’t made it yet! A good reminder … I’m in the new quilt bee with you and am making my way around to everyone’s blog. The bunch of you are already such great quilters! I know I am going to learn a lot about design and technique this year. — michele

  7. belinda said

    W-a-y too cute girl!!!

  8. Cathy said

    Oh stunning accessory and would look great with the pink coat! I didn’t know about the slew (love that word) over at Kathy’s, will head over and check them all out! xo

  9. Same story here! My daughter would absolutely NOT wear her pink ski jacket this a.m. despite the fact that it is -7C here. She said “it’s just so big….and pink”. Darnit. She’s going to have to suck it up, though, coz the presents are bought and there is not going to be another ski jacket under the tree this year!

  10. Waaaaaaay cute scarf! I’m trying to decide if that simple pattern is worth the $7.95 to download. You’d think I could figure it out myself, my if it’s not a quilt, I’m usually stumped. Yikes, that a cute scarf! I love the minky on the inside. That’s the kind of scarf you can keep on all day! Yep — I think I’m gonna have to buy that darn pattern!

  11. AnnieO said

    I have a scarf my sister made me backed with Minkee–or as my SIL renamed it, “Polyester lithium”. It always inspires the same “Aaahhhhh” from everyone who pets it. Yours look great!

  12. Scarf is so cute and the link to the patterns was fab. I think i have gone to heaven there are so many cute patterns don’t know which to buy first or what to make.

  13. Jean C. said

    I have been sooo out of touch lately…. but I’m trying to catch up on my blog reading…. have you thought of dyeing the coat? Say…. purple or some other color? Black maybe? If it can be washed…. it should be able to be dyed… check it out! It may be the answer to her dilema!

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