OK, not a sewn gift, but handmade nonetheless.

Lily’s Christmas Stars face cloth was fun and easy to knit! Well, easy if you aren’t trying to follow the chart AND watch Alice on the SyFy network AND text The Other Mrs. Schmenkman. Mistakes were made and mostly corrected. Hmm, do face cloths need to be blocked? Might not hurt, I see. I have two more of these planned along with a trip to the corner handmade soap (and candle) purveyor (I’m lucky that way).

We’re trying to do a little bit of something festive every day. Dear daughter made some sheet music into a snowflake. Genius that she is! So, I printed off some more sheet music to make some more snowflakes. I don’t know, it looks extra festive for some reason.

Back to the sewing machine. You know, the one in the room at the back of the house that’s within striking distance of the neighbor’s big old oak tree as it fends off the high winds we’re having. I’ll be back there if you need me.



  1. lily boot said

    Oh it’s lovely Amy! I did block mine a little. In a really informal way and I’m off to the eco store for soap too. I took those words of wisdom in the column (and thought about Cindy burning her husband’s skin) and decided to let other crafters make me beautiful soap 🙂 I’m off to the beach today with pattern number 2 for the Christmas washcloths – a tree. I will post it on Saturday 🙂 You’re a darling girl !!!!

  2. Cathy said

    For the occasional knitter and not very smart reading patterns…what does blocking do? You are on a roll with your Christmas creating, can’t wait to see number 3! Love that snowflake too, fabulous idea xo

  3. Very, very nice! Too nice to wash with! I leave the knitting to my mom, the expert.

  4. AnnieO said

    Lily is a seriously talented lady and I enjoy reading her blog. I used to knit a long time ago but don’t think I have room for another hobby/stash at this point, so I’ll just admire all the wonderful knitters’ work out there!

    Decorations out of music paper look great–I have an angel made out of sheet music that hangs on the lamp on our piano, and other angel decorations also grace the piano. They just seem to go together, music and angels 🙂 Thanks for sharing your projects!

  5. Janet said

    That cloth would be lovely to use, did you knit it in cotton? A nice wee achievable project, I love it and I think I’m going to have to save the pattern. Thanks for letting us know.
    The snowflakes are fun, I remember making those.

  6. sewpam63 said

    Love the knit face cloth and the musical snowflakes too! Both are quite clever. : ) Careful of the wind and that tree!!! It’s been terribly gusty here too…and I’m about to go walk the dog?! Enjoy your Holiday Season!!!

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