Scrap-tastic ornaments!

Get out your Mod Podge and your scraps. Right now!

We had the best time after seeing this idea over on Syko’s blog:

I got a little carried away with it and didn’t want to stop.

Cut out a shape, cut out a scrap of fabric and let the Mod Podge work its magic! I haven’t put away the ornament supply bins just yet. I don’t see time in the schedule to make more of these anytime soon, but we live in hope. Forget eating, I’m taking over the dining room table with fabric and empty cereal boxes and Mod Podge!

Oh, I just came away from a look-see/gander over at Glorious Color. You know, to see what’s new. You might want to wander over and take a look at the “What’s New” section. The new Kaffe/Liberty fabric is there (along with a new color of shot cotton called Galvanized — need it!) and a very intriguing button entitled “Keiko Goke’s New Fabric” (which then led me here and then here). I’m listening…


  1. Janet said

    I love playing with mod podge, it’s a great product. These are so much fun and I know some kids who’d love doing them. My favourite is the candy cane.
    I love Keiko’s work, I saw an exhibition of her quilts once and they were better in the flesh, fantastic and they had a glow about them.

  2. The selvedge candy cane is brilliant!!!

  3. Jackie said

    Those ornaments look just too cool!! Modge Podge, now there is a throw back.

  4. Rachel B. said

    I love the ornaments. I am always looking for a craft idea to do with the kids and we will have to try these – although it will probably have to wait until next year.

  5. Nedra said

    I haven’t thought about Modge Podge since the 1960’s. Groovy!
    (hey, I was raised near San Francisco).
    Your ornaments are darling, and Kieko’s fabrics are wonderful. Thanks for the links.

  6. Cathy said

    Never heard of Mod Podge, I learn all sorts of new things over here Mrs S!! Love these ornaments, especially your selvedge candy cane! Oh yes, I will be after some of Keiko’s fabrics, love those flowers on the hill! Are you buying any of Kaffe’s Liberty? xo

  7. Andi said

    I just LOVE your selvedge candy cane!! Too cute.

  8. Oh dear, these are fabulous! May I please repost?

  9. Janine said

    Came over to your blog from Mod Podge Rocks website!! Love these cute little shapes!! For your reader(s) who have never heard of Mod Podge or think it might be a throw back, send them over to Mod Podge Rocks!! Tons of great projects on that website!! Thanks for posting this project….Happy New Year!!

  10. Kajsa said

    I was looking at my blog stats and found my way over here! I am so glad to see that you liked our decoupage houses! My daughter loved making them so much, she made teeny weeny ones too 🙂

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