Not so secret Santa

Dear daughter thought it would be fun if she and I shared a (not so) secret Santa swap this year. She put a mailbox outside her room. When the flag is up, someone has a secret Santa message or gift. I have gotten some delightful treasures and some Christmas poems that will be cherished. My gifts to her have been fun — the Five Crowns card game (inspired by Bumblebeans), some fun new erasers and a Shinzi Katoh pen, etc. These are all things I was planning to give her for Christmas anyway but it has been even more fun to dole them out slowly kind of like an uplanned advent calendar. Had she gotten them on Christmas, they would have been mixed up in the jumble of the day’s gifts. This way, we can take the time to enjoy each one individually.

One thing that arrived in the secret Santa mailbox last week was a single cloth napkin (inspired by Lily). I’ve been meaning to do this. I even bought a rolled hem foot (apparently I need a class to use this thing).  But I saw this great narrow rolled hem tutorial last week and said, bah, I don’t need no stinkin’ rolled hem foot! Zip, zip, zip, narrow hems on napkins. I made some more today:

The cloth napkin made dear daughter SO happy — not just the cute fabric but that I was trying to be “greener.”  I also picked up some more re-usable snack and lunch box containers today so I can stop using so many loathsome plastic bags. I’m getting there.

Did you see Jan’s post about Keiko Goke? And, yes, the rumors of her fabric availability are true! GORGEOUS!



  1. pam said

    Super cute clever idea. You’re certainly a cool mom. Plus a cool sewing friend who shares awesome tutorials. I’ve used this type of method for a 1/4 inch hem but never considered it for something so tiny. Time to give that a try.

  2. Janet said

    I love the idea your DD had, what a fun thing to do, creating memories. The napkins are wonderful with those fabrics. I’ve tried the narrow hem years ago, I had forgotton about it but perfect for napkins.

  3. Doris said

    I think I’d like to meet your daughter! She sounds like a character. :-> What fun ideas…

  4. Rebecka said

    What a fun thing to do. Your daughter sounds like a lot of fun!! Love the fabric for your napkins. I need to make some!

  5. Quick, return the foot and use the $ to buy more fabric! The rolled hem foot is a nightmare – just try cramming a corner into it that is one raw edge and one already-rolled edge. Ugh. I am going to run over and check out that tute asap. Love the not so secret Santa idea.

  6. Cathy said

    Oh I love that mailbox idea, what fun. Oh you make me spend money Mrs S, I don’t have time to buy today, but I will be running over to GC to snap up some of that fabulous fabric!!! Glorious Colour Indeed! xo

  7. Jackie said

    What a great idea that your daughter had! That is something you and she will remember forever. How cute and something to begin as a tradition.

  8. AnnieO said

    Your daughter sounds like she knows how to have a good time for little money! That is a true gift to have at a young age. Good thing her mama taught her well by jumping in for the fun so wholeheartedly. Lucky girls!

  9. MichelleB said

    What a great idea! I love those napkins – so cute. And thanks for sharing that tute – I see some tiny rolled hems in my future.

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