One for the road

Last day of school! Eeek! One week before Christmas! EEEEK! Deep breath. I should be wrapping someone’s presents while someone is still at school today. Of course, I’m not. Instead I worked on readying something for the upcoming time when I can’t get to the sewing machine. A little something to work on on the road:

Hmmm, what is this little dolly sized quilt for anyway? Too much red? Too much pink? Oh well, it is very festive. I’ve already learned some things while getting this ready.

To wit, having too much coffee can keep one from cutting little curves accurately. I will also predict that any amount of wine (or perhaps one of these) will prohibit one from stitching little curves accurately. Hmm, a bumpy car ride might not help either… Maybe best to get those little bumpies stitched down BEFORE hitting the road.

Here is a little something from the horn-tooting department. Have you seen the Jan/Feb 2010 Quiltmaker?

Did you see Edyta Sitar’s Michigan Crossroads quilt?

I quilted that quilt. There, I’ve tooted my own horn.


  1. Kelly said

    OMG, I love that block, what is it called? Love the AB LOVE in the middle, and the colours are perfect!!! What is that gorgeous striped fabric, is it a Kaffe?
    I don’t think stitching in the car will work, I tried it once, it was a complete bust.
    Happy Holidays! 🙂

  2. Jackie said

    Definitely never too much pink!! I love the block! Okay, so now I have to go and rummage in my pile of quilting magazines and look at that quilt again. Didn’t realize you quilted it, and I was admiring it so much!! Congrats!!

  3. Jenny said

    I think the block looks fabulous..just the right amount of everything!
    Congratulations on the quilt in the magazine, you should be proud! And Im doubly excited because I beleive Edyta Sitar will be speaking at my guild early in 2010!!

  4. MichelleB said

    Darling! I love it! Toot away – you deserve it!

  5. Stephanie said

    A horn definitely worth tooting!!! My oh my…Kaffe and Amy. A lovely couple don’t you think?

  6. Sarah said

    Love the Love, love the Kaffe, love the block, love everything!! 🙂

  7. Sarah said

    PS. toot toot

  8. Cyndi said

    What an absolutely gorgeous block – got me thinking about all sorts of possibilities! I have some drawings for patterns done that I have avoided drafting up just because of those little bumpies… Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  9. Love the colors in that block!
    And you just go right ahead and toot your horn – it is the only way we will know what you are up to!!

  10. Nedra said

    Congratulations on being published again! And I love all the Kaffe’s together. Not too bright at all, at least for my eyes.

  11. Oh, wow I love your pink block and I am bowing down to your applique prowess if you are able to needle-turn all of those little in and out bumpies!!! Can’t wait to see that all sewn down it’s going to be fab. And, how super-cool that your quilting is in the mag. Do you have a longarm? (I haven’t seen it mentioned on your blog – even more bowing down if that was quilted on a wee domestic!!! I’m going to have to sew some patches on my jean knees).

  12. Ann Marie said

    Love the block and the link to “one of these.” I like the way you lined up all the stripes. Congrats on the magazine too.

  13. Andi said

    LOVE that first block / mini quilt.
    Keep on tooting!!!
    Andi 🙂

  14. Janet said

    The block is great, love it. Sometimes blendy is good too. What a neat thing to have the quilt published and your machine quilting is fabulous.

  15. Cathy said

    Love the dolly quilt, those curves and colours are fabulous, as Steph said, Kaffe and Amy, oh my!!! Can we get a closeup of your quilting on that lovely quilt? Love the snow! xo

  16. Toot Toot! Great job on the quilting! And I just noticed that it is snowing on your blog! Cute! Oops — the wind just changed direction!

    I love your little Dolly quilt or block. The colors are gorgeous and really pop!

  17. pam said

    Congrats Magazine Girl!!!

  18. Mama Spark said

    Well, congratulations! The quilt is beautiful! Nice job!!

  19. Jeanne said

    Congratulations on your wonderful quilting! Edyta will be at our guild in February and maybe I’ll get to see this quilt up close and personal.

  20. sewpam63 said

    WOOT-TOOT-WOOT-TOOT!!! You SEW!!! ; )

    Love your little prepped stitching block. Not too pink nor too red. The background is perfect!

    Merry Jingle Ho Ho Holiday festivities to you and yours!!!

  21. jacquie said

    good horn tooting! congratulations!! have a happy new year!

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