From my cold, sticky hands…

Did you have a great Christmas? Are you ready for 2010???

Someone, please take my Mod Podge away for a minute.

I selfishly kept one of the Moleskine three-pack notebooks for myself. The other two were “personalized” for hubby for Christmas. And then I got out my selvage collection. And my Mod Podge.

I sewed the selvages first and then applied Mod Podge and trimmed up the edges when the Mod Podge was dry.

I left some extra fabric on the selvage at the spine so I could just wrap it around before sewing the next selvage (I also did this on the very last selvage and folded the fabric to the inside):

All Kaffe fabrics, no repeats (I did allow same print, different colorway).

I tried to use the selvages with the most information closest together. Some were spread out too far; some didn’t have the color dots. It was very informative. Well, and fun.

The selvage notebook was a little diversion. I’ve been appliqueing and such. A trained monkey could have learned to buttonhole stitch in the time it took me to re-acquaint myself with it.

Lacy edge effect. I meant to do that.

Happy New Year’s Eve eve!


  1. Jackie said

    Amy, That is one Kaffelicious selvage notebook!! Love it, Love it, love it!! Hmmm… now I think that I might need to do something like that with my selvages. Minus the modge podge. Okay, I just don’t have any handy and can’t seem to bring myself to buy any. It would take me too far back in time. LOL

  2. Genius!! I LOVE the selvage-covered moleskine – sewing right through the cover. Really, how do you contain that creative brain of yours? Earplugs? amazing. The dolly quilt sneak peek is so sweet. I can see it is going to be a very Happy New Year right here. Thanks for the regular inspiration Amy.

  3. I have been collecting selvages, and love your use with the notebook. Have you submitted your idea to the Selvage Blog? They would be so happy to see your creative accomplishment.
    Happy New Year from Utah!

  4. Stephanie said

    A beautiful combo…selvedges and Kaffe. What a very pretty lacy edge. What are you up to?

  5. Marit said

    Looks like a very colorful new year ahead for you! Have a nice celebration…

  6. claudia said

    how great is that?! man, i have to keep my selvedges, i really do.. great book!

  7. Sarah said

    Cute sneak peek… can’t wait to see the whole thing 🙂 must investigate this Mod Podge business, I have never tried it

  8. Janet said

    I love mod podge, the notebook cover is very inspired and it looks like a heap of fun. Happy new year.

  9. valerie said

    Love it! Happy New Year!

  10. Isa said

    Happy New Year

  11. auntiepami said

    you are so clever! I like the blanket stitch that way.

  12. I think I’ve gotta get some Mod Podge ! The moleskine looks great~

  13. Oh! And warm wishes for a wonderful New Year!

  14. Love the selvage notebook and the lacy edge. Happy New Year!

  15. Cathy said

    Love those selvedges, brilliant! (what the heck is modpodge anyway? i’m assuming it’s glue?). Happy New Year to you Mrs S xo

  16. AnnieO said

    Fun fun fun! What a great project. Glad you were selfish but really, really sticky for a while. Maybe that is what caused the buttonhole stitch to loop outwards? I think it does actually look intentional, mind you! Happy New Year!

  17. jmbmommy said

    very nice! Happy New Year!

  18. Juanita said

    What an awesome idea. Your cover looks fantastic!!

  19. sewpam63 said

    How clever of you!? That notebook is quite amazing. ; ) And, that delicate little stitchery is sweet…I love the loopy, feminine hand done bit of blanket stitching!

  20. Love the notebook! I have a few and would never have thought to selvedge them up … Your stitching turned out marvellously, too. Have a great new year!

  21. jeanette said

    Everthing looks lovelY!

  22. Rebekah said

    A selvedge collection. Brilliant! The notebook looks great!

  23. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said

    This is a great idea! I never would have thought to re-use the selvage edge! I love the idea of this journal ~ how great for someone who sews or crafts.

  24. Jess said

    I really LOVE THIS!

  25. What a brilliant idea. I love the “reduce, reuse, recycle” aspect of this project. My granny would have loved it too as she used selvadged edges as ribbons for aprons and my/her hair.

  26. Melissa said

    I love this! I have sewn for a long time and have never thought to save selvages.

  27. This is so clever and colorful, too. I have to tell my friend who sews for a living and has tons of scraps this post. She is going to love it.

  28. very cute idea !

  29. Rachel said

    Wow, that is gorgeous! What a pretty notebook.

  30. Mryia said

    Cool! I would have never thought of using the edges like this!

  31. Melinda said

    I am a quilter, so I can’t wait to cut the selvages off of my stash and make some of these little notebooks. They are adorable. Thanks so much for sharing. Love & blessings from NC!

  32. Cathy Aquilina said

    Now, who I never in a million years would have thought to do this. Not only that, but, I have never saved those selvage edges. You are sooo clever and your work is really great!!

  33. dymphna said

    love it…Happy New Year

  34. super cute notebook idea, and your stitching looks great.

  35. Jane T said

    What a terrific idea. Wonder how many miles of selvage I have tossed. Now I have a reason to keep them.

  36. Gqby Bee said

    What an awesome idea. They are adorable.
    Greetings from Germany,

  37. lisa b said

    so cute!!

  38. gail lindekugel said


  39. Adorable!! Now I want to make one too : )

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