I thought I was done and then I changed my mind

Do your ideas ever slow you down? Just this one quick addition, just this one quick fix and I’ll be done. Days later when troubles have been shot (troubleshooted?) and type has been mirrored and you’re still not done? I’m not naming names but…

I guess this is just part and parcel of the flexible design process. It doesn’t look that complicated… Oh well, not quite done yet because I have some additional ideas after those letters get stitched down. Check back with me next month. Kidding!

Whilst keeping nose to grindstone on several projects, some additional inspiration arrived in the mail. Keiko Goke’s new book:

Makes me want to put colorful stitches EVERYWHERE!

Really great stuff!

And a little bit of pretty vintage fabric came in the mail:

OMG! It’s the cutest fabric! I don’t directly blame Miss Stephanie, but I clicked over here which led me over here where there were many lovely treasures to be considered. And Kim provides truly outstanding service! She even popped in a little something extra:


Before I go, and don’t yell at me for making you spend money, it’s purely for informational purposes… Did you know that you can now get home dec weight Rowan fabrics? Did you further know that you can get pink AUGUST ROSE home dec fabric? So, there you go.

Back to the stitchery with me. Those letters aren’t going to stitch themselves!



  1. Chris said

    Your dollies online are just wonderful – make me smile 🙂
    Chris x

  2. sandy said

    How did you order Keiko Goke book? thanks

  3. MichelleB said

    My goodness – pure dollie cuteness – LOVE them. And yes, those stitches do make me want to put colorful stitches everywhere.

  4. valerie said

    Oh I love all of your goodies! Thanks for the info too!

  5. I will not click thru. I will not click thru. I will not click thru.

  6. Sarah said

    Too cute!! My Feb dolly is NEARLY done, it will be posted with coconut chocolate just as soon as I finish stitching the binding down 🙂

  7. Mary Jo said

    I love your Dollies Online quilt. I signed up for 12 months and am anxiously waiting for the first pattern to arrive.
    I picked up Keiko Goke’s first book while in Japan the year it was published and have followed her work ever since. I ordered her new book as soon as I read about it on your blog and it arrived on Monday. I really admire her work although it’s a bit outside my comfort zone and she has way more talent than I could ever hope for. Still it’s great fun to look at her work.

  8. Stephanie said

    Oh my gosh the dollies are DARLING!!! I just knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the one dolly quilt a month. Dang it. You find the most amazing books and I’ve spent plenty of money because of you…so glad I can return the favor. :o) The trees are heavenly.

  9. sewpam63 said

    I must agree with Poppyprint… You’re a killer! ; ) Beautiful stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Those are great patterns and beautiful fabric that you got. I love finding vintage fabrics at the thrifts, you never know what you will find.


  11. nanette said

    It is fun to catch up with what you’ve been doing.

  12. Jan said

    Did you realize Keiko Goke mentioned your blog in a recent post? 🙂

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