My mind is blank

Pretty sad that I couldn’t come up with a decent title for this post. I thought of something weather related but I’m trying not to think about the cold weather (la la la, see, not thinking about it…sitting here in a silk long underwear top, a long sleeved t-shirt, a short sleeved t-shirt and two zip up hooded sweatshirts — all of which keeps me warm and camouflages the results of holiday over-indulgence (I really need to stop re-filling the Christmas cheese spread dish every few days) and makes me NOT think about the temperature dropping further for the weekend). Digress much?

Anyway. It is toasty in the sewing room. Today I made a block for Michele for the One Block Over bee:

While I was making Michele’s block, I was thinking that I don’t make a lot of blocks anymore. I’m usually working on the whole shebang — a quilt with everything pretty much planned out. It was fun to find pieces that go with Michele’s fabric choices and fit them into the block she chose. Fun, I tell ya! So, I’m thinking I may need to pull out my block books sometime soon and pick a block, gather up some fabrics (which I think I already have…) and make some blocks without a notion as to what I’ll do with them later. Let a quilt mystery unfold, as it were.

The mail carrier also brought some fun along today. I am the ecstatic recipient of this wee quilt:

Say it with me: ‘O. M. G. That’s a cute quilt!’ Sarah sent this along for Chrissie (did I use that right?). So very cute! The wee-ness of that star, for example, just kills me. Oh my!

Sarah also a wonderful journal made from an old book. I am a big fan of these and I don’t own any Enid Blyton books…until now:

Hey, maybe I need to make a wee quilt with an adorable house like the one on the front of the journal?!

So, stay warm (or cool depending on your hemisphere). I’m off to deal with some pizza dough which will hopefully succeed despite the fact that I didn’t use the right kind of yeast. Fingers crossed! Have a great weekend!


  1. Jenny said

    that block looks fantastic!!

    love christmas presents after the fact! so much fun.

  2. Tara said

    Just how small is that mini quilt? It looks tiny next to the journal! Love your block–which fabrics did she send for you to work with?

  3. Stephanie said

    Does chocolate help take your mind off the weather? Just thinkin’…Yes, O.M.G. CUTE!!!

  4. MichelleB said

    Adorable wee quilt! Same hemisphere as you – but we’re still in the 70’s. *sigh* So very BORing.

  5. That’s a wicked block! Love it. As for the mini, that’s intensely mini!! Maybe we should send the Olympics your way. It’s gonna be a wet one here if today is any indication.

  6. Jackie said

    I’m with Stephanie, chocolate is a great idea, but make it hot with marshmallows! And yes that is just way too adorable!

  7. Janet said

    The block looks great and I’m oggling the wee quilt, that’s so neat. I love the idea for the journal cover, very clever.

  8. AnnieO said

    Very snazzy block there–Michelle picks great fabrics and your sewing is mad skills!

    Love the mini too, what fun.

  9. Debs said

    It must be a 2010 thing – the return to block pieceing for modern quilts! I have been having the same thoughts! Just finished a churndash quilt using Amy Love and Heather Pop Garden and just cutting out 1930’s baskets for Hope Valley!

  10. You have more talent than any one person ought to be entitled too. What a fresh looking star block. I loved it!

  11. Cathy said

    Ahh sorry to hear you are freezing…you DO NOT want to know we are heading off to the beach for a camping trip do you? No I didn’t think you did!!! Teasing aside, I love the block you have made for Michele, fabulous! Great idea too about just making a block for the sake of it, what will you come up with? Lovely wee quilt too! xo

  12. Martha said

    I love the look of that block and the prints you selected — particularly the red print which gives the impression of vines growing from the edges of the block — so pretty!

  13. Chelley said

    What is the Christmas cheese spread? Care to share the recipe? I’ve been making a YUMMY one with cheddar cheese, pecans, onions, mayo, and strawberry jam. Sounds gross, but OMG is it good!

  14. valerie said

    Your block for Michelle is gorgeous! I love the mini quilt too. Yes, I think you ought to make a mini with that house….so sweeet!

  15. nanette said

    I really love that postcard quilt. It is super cute.

  16. That wee quilt is fabulous!

  17. I wondered why I was getting orders from Australia for the Tiny Dresden Plate! I love that little one on a black background pictured on your blog. You have a very interesting blog. I enjoyed reading it and seeing the unusual way that you use fabric. I am still working on my blog. It is almost ready to go up and will be named “Old Dog, New Tricks !”


  18. O. M. G. That’s a cute quilt! 😉 Love Michele’s block, too. Great colors.

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