With a smile on my face, I put the last stitch into my new scarf.

And then I asked myself whether this might be the newest winter look for Ronald McDonald.

Eh, whatever. I wore it anyway.

Scarf pattern by Meg McElwee, Wool Wonderland Scarf in the fall 2009 Stitch magazine.



  1. Anita said

    There are days when a brightly colored scarf might be most appropriate. I say live and enjoy!

  2. Michele C said

    It’s great!

  3. Debs said

    I love it!

  4. Stephanie said


  5. Lesly said

    Ha ha, McScarf. I’m sure Ronald’s fashion taste runs more to polyester and baggy pants. I think you’re safe.

  6. MichelleB said

    It’s really cute. It’s funny – I have the same magazine and have looked through it countless times, but I swear, I haven’t seen that pattern!

  7. Doris said

    I’ll bet you looked just lovely in this, and not the least bit clown-like!

  8. I’m with MichelleB…must take another look at Stitch!! Those flower appliques are stunning – nice job!

  9. pam said

    I’d like fries with that please.

  10. Katy said

    watch out for the Hamburglar – if Ronald was to wear that beauty I’m sure it’d soon get snaffled!

  11. Miriam said

    I love the appliqued flowers on the scarf!
    Beautiful job….not Ronald McDonald at all!!!

  12. Jackie said

    Stephanie took my comment….

  13. I think it looks cute! And warm!

  14. AnnieO said

    As long as you leave the red wig and big shoes at home, no one will ever guess your inspiration! Love those flowers and the check, really fun.

  15. nanette said

    I love scarfs. They are my favorite accessory. This one is absolutely darling.

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