Feeling bookish

I’m planning to spend at least part of my evening with this book:


And a little slice of the evening with this book:

Ohmygosh, hilarious! I borrowed it from the library but this may be one that needs to be in the personal collection. Yes, in addition to the screaming toddler, some strange lady kept busting out laughing at the public library.

Stop by tomorrow, I’m going to have a little giveaway!


  1. Jenny said

    ohhh, I can’t wait to get ahold of Gwen Marstons book…waiting on my library copy…must also check out your second seleciton. Thanks for the recommendations.

  2. Stephanie said

    I love laugh out loud books. Always happens with Erma Bombeck. You keep getting me into trouble with your book reviews.

  3. Michele said

    I’m drooling for Gwen’s book. And I need a funny novel. The one I’m reading now is dragging! Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Well, of course you’re having a giveaway tomorrow! I’m going to be out of town. Maybe I can access via my husband’s Blackberry….

    I wish I had a copy of Gwen Marston’s book to take with me! Funny thing — I am taking her Liberated String Quilts book with me as I see a string quilt for me in 2010. Enjoy your evening with Gwen!


  5. Katy said

    oooh, haven’t seen that book before. I’m off to check amazon….

  6. Enjoy your page turning tonight! I borrowed Liberated Quilt Making from my guild library a few years ago and it totally changed my feelings about quilting and my sense of where I wanted to take my quilts. I am still trying so hard to bust out of organized, planned piecing. I saw Gwen in Sisters in July and she is a RIOT. While there, I picked up Jean Wells’ new book “Intuitive Color & Design’ which is also a great reference for free cutting/colour/quilting with solids. Can’t wait to see what work your reading inspires!

  7. MichelleB said

    You always have the BEST books. So jealous. I’m off to Amazon to do a little shopping. 😉 Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  8. kathie said

    well I haven’t ordered Gwens book yet I have the first one, do you?
    is there that much of a differnce???? I am a huge fan of Gwens but not sure I really need this one if I have the original.
    I love books that make you laugh out loud so will have to order this thru the library data base! thanks!

  9. Sarah said

    JEALOUSY!!!! I can’t wait for mine. Is it as wonderful as expected??

    And a funny novel. I loved Paris Trout so I guess I will have to check that one out too!

  10. Jackie said

    You have that book… so jealous!! I really need her new book, just the cover alone is reason to have it. You lucky dog!! Funny books are the best. I have to say one of my favorite laugh out loud books of all time is A Walk In The Woods by Bill Bryson. If you haven’t read it, you need to!

  11. Jan said

    Loved Spooner. I heard Pete Dexter at the book convention, BEA, in May. He was hilarious. I heard a couple of librarians say he was the highlight of the 3 days, for them.

  12. Jan said

    (some how my URL was incorrect on the previous comment, sorry.)

  13. Anita said

    I bet it was a wonderful evening! While I haven’t picked up that book yet, Gwen & Freddy have been liberating me these last couple of weeks. And it has been fun!

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