Selvage journal giveaway

I’m have a little giveaway today. Maybe you wandered over from the fun Mod Podge Rocks blog, maybe you’ve been here before. Everyone’s welcome to leave a comment and I’ll draw a winner for a selvage journal/sketch book:

I’ll be taking comments until Monday night — January 18 by 11:59 PM EST — and will announce a winner on Tuesday. Good luck!



  1. Ddrrrooolllllling over the selvages!! I think it’s the little coloured dots. They make me happy 🙂 That sketchbook is just begging to come and live at my house!

  2. kathie said

    oh I would love a sketchbook to carry around with me , you never know where inspiration may hit!
    thanks so much its adorable!

  3. Sharon said

    I think this is a great idea. The sketchbook would be put to good use in my house.

  4. Jackie said

    Your Mod Podge Journal is the one that rocks!! It is just adorable and would really bring me back to the good ole days!

  5. Kathy said

    I love the selvage journal!!! I’m collecting selvages to make a quilt and I think I almost have enough now!! Your journal would be a fantastic for me to make notes about my selvage quilt plans!!

  6. Chizuko said

    I’d love to have your Mod Journal.
    Your idea of selvage is marvelous and is also good to earth,
    no wasting fabric at all!!
    Chizuko from Tokyo

  7. Melissa Bieman said

    So pretty! I’ve been saving selvages for a mosaic, but you’re making me want to do all sorts of things with them

    Great giveaway!

  8. Linda said

    This is so cute and happy! Thanks for the chance to win it. Love your blog!

  9. Sarah Vee said

    Thank you for this giveaway! I thought these were amazing when you showed them at Christmas. It almost looks like dot fabric. Thanks for sharing your talents with us – and for the chance to win.

  10. stampinwithbeth said

    Oh, that journal is so pretty! I have just started saving my selvages and am loving all of the projects that I am seeing on the internet made with them. Thanks for sharing, and the opportunity to win!

  11. Hilda said

    Oh me! Meee! Pick me. I love your selvage journal!

  12. Jennifer said

    I love it!!! So charming and cute! What a great idea. Thanks for being so generous.

  13. Debs said

    OOh I would love one! They are so happy looking! I’m in!

  14. Alba said

    Very cure and a great use of fabric that would otherwise have been thrown out!

  15. Joanna said

    The best thing about the selvages you used is that I love the fabrics they came from!!! They look amazing as a notebook cover!! Definitely count me in!

  16. PaulaK said

    Cute and with purpose! What could be better! I follow your blog via GoogleReader. Love the inspiration! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  17. May Britt said

    I collect selvages, and have used them i n small projects. But seems that I always gets the part of the fabric without selvages with the useful part on LOL. So I would love to win this journal book.

  18. shelly said

    Wow, this is cute! I didn’t realize Modpodge was so fabulous!

  19. how fun would this be?

  20. sandy said

    isn’t that the cutest idea … thanks for sharing. Modpodge is one terrific place. Please throw me into the pot.

  21. Rebecka said

    I have started collecting my selvages. I cut them off before I start cutting the fabric. I like your journal from the selvages. To cute!

  22. Anita said

    Oh, I would love to have something made from selvages.

  23. Jan said

    Ooooh…loved this when you featured it earlier. Count me in!

  24. Elaine said

    these are so cute, I love them. who knew?

  25. Judith said

    I love your blog and the selvage journal cover. Thanks!

  26. Laura said

    What a cute idea! I’d love to have one!!

  27. Sandi said

    It is very cute and such a cleaver idea using the selvages. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  28. Katy said

    you do realise if I was to win I would love and treasure that journal, don’t you?

  29. Kristy said

    I visit you everyday and look forward to reading you blog…as for the sketchbook….A….DOR….ABLE!!!!!!!!!! Kristy in Ohio

  30. Terri said

    I love, love, love the selvage journal!! I’ve got a pretty good collection of selvages, but am just a bit short of having enough to make a tote bag, so I’ll keep on collecting! I like that you didn’t use much color from the fabric itself and just the actual selvage….it’s wonderful!!

  31. Anne Marie said

    I enjoy your blog and would love to win your selvage journal. You must have the patience of a saint to make all the selvage items.

  32. trish said

    LOVE the journal!! Came over from Mod Podge Rocks blog, I’m enjoying your blog too 🙂
    great giveaway!

  33. Maria said

    So very cute!!! I’ve been inspired to start saving all of my selvages because of projects like this!

  34. pam said

    Wow how can I resist.They’re wonderful.

  35. Michelle M. said

    That is absolutely the cutest thing. I’d love to to have a journal for this year.

  36. Danielle said

    Seriously cool idea, I never would have thought to do this! I love it. Must have this awesome notebook!!!! 😉

  37. Lisa said

    I love selvages and I absolutely love this Journal!

  38. Diane said

    OHHHHHHHHHHH what a fabulous giveaway! Please include me in the picking.

  39. Melinda said


  40. MichelleB said

    Such fun! I’d love to win.

  41. Tara said

    You have such great selveges! You must mod podge over them–I’ll have tit ry that! Thanks for the chance to win!

  42. AnnieO said

    Really? you’re giving it away? You Rock! (Mod Podge or not!)

    Yes, yes, yes, count me in!

  43. Jean said

    So much fun! I appreciate your give-away generosity.

  44. Michele said

    So cute! I love all the color dots!

  45. Kris said

    I’m just mentally sorting through my scraps to embellish the 15 composition books I got for a dime last fall! Lets see, denim for the 3rd grade boy, pink with a ribbon tiara for the 4-year old Girl! Now I need a sketch book to keep track of all my fabulous ideas, and the inspirations!

  46. Karen N said

    The journal looks great. I am dutifully keeping my selvedges. Do you think when selvedges were created that the inventors ever imagined what a useful piece of fabric they would become?

  47. Rachael said

    Love it! Thanks for being so generous!

  48. Jenny said

    must really find some modge podge of my own, looks like such fun.

  49. Andi said

    What a lovely giveaway Mrs Shmenkman!!

  50. Susan said

    This little journal is the CUTEST! I had forgotten all about Mod Podge. In the 60’s we used it on EVERYTHING. I’m not kidding.
    Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  51. Nancy-Rose said

    It’s dreamy!!! Please put my name in the drawing, and make it STICKY! 😉

  52. Rachel said

    Love it! I am constantly writing down all of the creative and crafty ideas I collect from the internet… someday I’ll work on them, but until then I’d love a super sweet book to keep them accessible!

  53. Janet said

    Mod podge is the best and I only discovered it a couple of years ago. I love the journal cover, I would never have thought of it. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  54. Kristin said

    This is so cute. I love selvages – just made a Moda selvage pin cushion and gave one away myself.

    Love the mod podge too! Adorable. Hope I win! Kristin

  55. tara said

    Never thought to use mod modge with my selvedges. great project.

  56. Leah said

    Your journals look fab!

  57. quintadaquilter said

    Love it!!!! It is just adorable!

  58. Arabella said

    It’s awesome! I love it! Now i feel the need to buy more fabric to collect some of my own selvedges!


  59. Linda Douglas said

    THANKS for sharing!
    The “selvage journal” is darling!
    Love, Linda

  60. Izzy said

    Oh, simply love it! I always scribble something on papers and then lose them – I would just love this journal! And the dots are so cute…

  61. Susan said

    i am enjoying your blog. I discovered it through the Sue Ross Block of the Month
    I admire all of your beautiful work.

  62. I love your notebook, it’s so clever! What a creative way to use up scraps! It would definitely be fun to carry around! Thanks for doing a great giveaway, it’s been fun poking around your blog, I’m going to follow you through Google Reader. Come visit me sometime!

  63. jennifer said

    i loved this the first time i saw it, and i still love it now. i will love it even more if it shows up in my mailbox.

  64. Abbe said

    It looks really great. I’d love to win it. Thanks for the chance!

  65. Anita said

    I’m amazed at anyone who can keep the selvages in one piece! My always seem to end up in tiny little pieces.

  66. That would be the cutest journal to use for quilting and sewing inspiration! Thanks for the opportunity!

  67. My mother and I have always said that there had to be something we could do with the selvages. Very cute idea!

    You definitely get a HIGH FIVE for this great idea.

    Here’s to hoping I get the journal!

  68. Melinda said

    What a great selvage journal. I would love to own it.

  69. Caroline said

    Your selvage journal is fabulous, I too have a growing stash of selvages….might have to give making a journal cover a go. But I’d love to win yours to help get me started!

  70. Nora said

    I love this idea! i have been trying to think of a great way to personalize moleskine notebooks-and this is it!! what a cute notebook i can show off in my college classes. hope i get picked! 🙂

  71. I’m a sucker for journals. This one would be lovely to have…

  72. Tami said

    Very cute! I love finding a use for items normally thrown away.

  73. Melissa said

    What a neat idea for a journal! I am going to have to give that a try! Thanks for the neat ideas – keep them coming.

  74. Marge Jansonius said

    I love book covers and journals, thank you for the opportunity to be in the draw. Would love to have the selvage journal, hope my luck holds out.

  75. Nancy said

    How lovely! I’d love to win it and use it for my quilt-spirations!

  76. Amanda B said

    I’m a writer & a quilter, so I’d love a journal that marries both my passions! 🙂

  77. Jeannie said

    I just pulled out one of my boy’s unused note book as my sketch book yesterday. I’m sure your selvage sketch book will look more professional. I LOVE those numbers!

  78. rachal said

    i just love this cover, my sad little pile of selvedges consists of about 3, my fabric bits never seem to have those cute dots!

  79. christine s said

    You are too clever! I would love to be chosen & show it off!!

  80. Laurie said

    Amazing. Literally trash into treasure.

  81. You have been having way too much fun!!! I love Kaffe fabrics….well….truth be known….him too….but my husband does not mind….LOL

    Your salvages and Mod Podge make a great pair 🙂


  82. Wendz said

    It’s lovely and cheerful and would also make a super quilt journal, something I don’t have. Ooh, I really hope I’m the lucky recipient.

  83. susan said

    Love your blog and also this journal when it was featured earlier, what a great book to have for planning future projects – and how I love those colourful dots!

  84. Michelle Adams said

    Love this! What a great idea – I would love to win! Love your other ideas too!

  85. Nancy Ellis said

    I love the idea of using every bit of fabric- the stripe effect of the selvedges is so intriguing- and you did a great job applying them to the Moleskine notebook which is my very favorite notebook in the world. I would absolutely love to have this one!

  86. Diana said

    It’s a great journal cover. Recently i have made a journal cover out of jeans scraps. I am saving selvages to make something like this also.

  87. YES! Thanks for leaving your comments open today..I was retreating all day and totally forgot to check in last night when I got home. I LOVE your journal cover and was so impressed when you originally posted it. I use Moleskines all the time, but never one THIS AMAZING!!! Fingers crossed!!

  88. gill said

    i’m loving all these selvedge projects i’m seeing on the web – i’m going to have to start my own collection!

  89. carmel said

    so so pretty!!
    i love it!!
    thanks forthe great giveaway!!

  90. Mary Flynn said

    Love it! Would love a chance at this fantastic gift!!

  91. Jolie said

    ooh yes please! I love your selvedge journals…something about those little colour dots always make me happy!!

  92. amelia said

    Mod Podge does rock – best ever stocking filler! love the cover would be please to give this a home =)

  93. Jacquie said

    Wow!! This is sooooo cute- thanks for the chance to win it.

  94. Rachel said

    Oh wow! I don’t know if I could give that away! It’s so beautiful! I’ve always wanted to do one of those!!!

  95. Jane T said

    I would love this colorful journal. It is delightful. Thanks for the opportunity.

  96. Jenny McH said

    I wish to enter my girlfriend’s name Julz, (Iam not sure if I could contact her in time to enter the draw, so I will do it for her) Julz loves the idea of using selvages and has been asking her sewing friends to collect them for her. Thanks for sharing with your readers.

  97. Wonderful Journal cover. I love seeing what other’s have done with selvedges.
    I am not sure if I could sew that small a piece, but I love the look.


  98. Awesome! Sign me up!!

  99. Darcy B said

    Yes please, I love that it looks so happy!! It’s calling me it wants me to fill it!!!
    Happy New Year to you!!

  100. Brianna said

    I have been eyeing off your selvage journal cover since you put up the photo! I have even been thinking about buying some fabric because I loved the selvage and need some to make my own journal cover!

  101. CJ said

    I LOVE ME some selvedge! Soooo cute!

  102. Bonnie M. said

    I’m just starting to really get into sketching. This would be a delightful win. Wonderfully unique cover by the way.

  103. Barbie said

    Simply it’s my daughter that I’m thinking of: My daughter Freyah carries little books with her where ever she goes, it would be a great surprise for her…Cheers xx

  104. Hound Manager said

    Dang! where are all my selvages when I need them! Nonetheless, I’ll be making one or winning one, that’s for sure.

  105. patty said

    Love the jounal selvage look! Thanks for the giveaway!

  106. Ellen Ban said

    I would love to win one of your selvage covered journals! They are wonderful.

  107. Carla said

    What a clever idea. I’d be so proud to carry your creation!

  108. Kerry said

    Love this! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  109. Chelley said

    Love love love this book! How can you bear the thought of parting with it? Thanks for the opportunity to share! 🙂

  110. Becky said

    Happy, Happy journal–love it!

  111. Stacey said

    WOW! Thatis an amazing Journal!!!!

  112. Corey said

    What a great giveaway! Would love to win this little cutie!

  113. What a wonderful giveaway! I”m glad I got home from the coast in time to participate!


  114. Congratulations! You and your blog have just been awarded a Lemonade Stand Award. Please see my blog for details 🙂


  115. Lysa Schloesser said

    I love this! Since I never remember to save the selvedges I would keep this next to my machine as a reminder. Love your blog! Best, Lysa

  116. Allie said

    I love it!!! I would be thrilled to win. Thanks for the chance!

  117. Justine said

    So, So pretty….to think I have been just throwing out these treasures for years now…..another dimension added to the quilting addiction…Love your blog and thank-you for your inspiration….

  118. nanette said

    Well it is darling. Really a good idea. I’m too late for the giveaway. But I’m glad I got here to see it!

  119. Doris said

    I didn’t get to enter before your deadline, but I just have to say that I LOVE THIS!

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