Wordy Wednesday

Snow day! Our first snow day of the school year — in February. That’s kind of unprecedented. Shhh, don’t tell anyone that southeast Michigan has gotten off pretty easy this winter. We’ll keep it our little secret since we know that winter’s not over yet. There would still be time to make it up to us, so to speak. I won’t complain.

Things have been zipping along here despite this small weather blip. I promised to show you the finished mini Dresden:

How convenient that the giant yellow beanbag made it out into the hallway today so it could assist with the photo shoot! I’m hoping it will be re-contained in its normal place by later today. Because it’s giant and yellow and pretty much takes up the whole hallway and doorway.

Anyway… the pattern and template are by Virginia Robertson. It’s her Tiny Dresden Plate. While I was working on it, I happened to pick up the March/April 2010 issue of McCall’s Quilting:

And found a delightful article and pattern by Virginia Robertson!

Taming Wild Prints! I can always use insight into that! The pattern — Chimayo Dinner Party — is for a large Dresden plate quilt that uses lots of warm and cool Westminster prints. Sounds like a dinner party I would like to attend!

So, there’s that. I have to show you what came to live at my house, lucky girl that I am!

Sarah’s What a Star quilt! I’m so lucky! I can’t stop looking at it — mesmerizing:

This is the February pattern for Dollies Online! The pattern is to be released on February 15. Don’t forget, you can still join us by signing up for 12 months of patterns or by purchasing patterns individually. We have a Dollies Online Flickr group as well where we’re sharing our versions of the quilts as we go — it is great fun to see progress and fabric selections! Fun, fun, fun!

Also coming along in the package was Sarah’s April quilt (she being ahead of the game…) — Grandma’s House (hmm, do I have that right?):

LOVE! Look for that pattern in April. Heh heh, but I get my quilt now.

She also sent the mythical Coconut Slab:

Oooooh, aaaaaaaaaaahh! Actually, she sent two but one died a sad, melty death on the way over. Yes, I’m afraid to eat this one. Out of fear that I will like it and need more immediately. I keep trying to open it but I’m also afraid I will eat the whole thing at once like Augustus Gloop. I’ll get over it.

Also going on, my February block for the One Block Over bee. Heather wants wonky log cabins. I was excited when I opened her package because I had just used several of the same fabrics in a quilt so I had some great quilt leftovers to use in Heather’s block:

The giant yellow beanbag makes the block look wonkier than it is…

Here’s part of the “starter” quilt:

Speaking of taming wild prints…

Finally, a little Amazon arrived through the snow today:

Yea! Can’t wait to have a thorough look-see through the tile quilt book!


Someone — who shall remain nameless — has caused a great addiction to The Tudors. I watched the first two seasons in eight days. Twenty hours of television.

Get a life.

Now I am stuck in place waiting to do something about watching season three. In the meantime, I have had out my Norton Anthology of English Literature (I can no longer read its onion-skin pages without taking my glasses off and having a bright light nearby — ah, for the eyes of my youth). I’ve also watched The Other Boleyn Girl and A Man for All Seasons. And then I ordered Wolf Hall to keep this obsession going. And, since I had Audible credits, I also downloaded the audiobook since we are going on vacation soon and I’m not hauling the book with me. Oh, looks like Wolf Hall is once again available for the Kindle too……… It’s a sickness.

That’s all I have to say for now. Hope you’re not stuck in a snowbank!


  1. Sarah said

    Heh, heh, heh. Consider it payback for all the fabric and Etsy purchases your blog has lead me to. Glad to see you have the Tudor doorstop (Wolf Hall) – it’s a great read, and remember, if you have a break in you can always hit the intruder over the head and knock him out with it.
    Speaking of which, whatever is that lovely little blue flower in the center of your wonky block???
    Glad to see the quilt wasn’t covered in the coconut chocolate, I was worried there for a while 🙂

  2. So much in one post! Love the mini dresden, it dazzles! And I found The Tudors entertaining as well – soap opera with enough veneer of history to seem educational. Let us know what you think of Wolf Hall; I have it on my list of possibilities.

  3. Katy said

    I’m not sure where to start. You have about 5 blog posts worth there, woman.

    Sarah’s what a star quilt is giving me palpitations. As is the mini dresdens. It’s the bees knees. Geddit. Yep, that was lame.

    I’m waiting for the V&A to email me back about the liberty print FQ pack they’re selling for the quilt show. Waiting and going slowly crazy. Should I pre-order the FQs without getting them in a pack just in case there’s some mad rush and they sell out, or do I wait patiently until tomorrow when they will email me? Decisions decisions. *sigh*

  4. Stephanie said

    CUTE little dresdens! I used to have a LIME GREEN bean bag chair in the 70s. Wish I still had it. CUTE quilt from Sarah too. Would you PLEASE STOP showing amazing books??? I might NEED that tile book.

  5. MichelleB said

    What amazing quilts. Love that tiny Dresden, and What A Star is just spectacular! That tile quilt book looks rather interesting too. I wish I could pick it up and thumb through it.

  6. Jackie said

    Love the yellow bean bag back drop for all your quilts, works well and add that right punch of color. Oh and the eye candy, oh wait you have real candy, hmmm… let us know how it tastes. I am with Stephanie, stop showing yummy books, there is only so much a wallet can take.

  7. Well, I wasn’t expecting a quilt show today! How spectacular! All of your work, and Sarah’s, too. Yikes, you girls are good! So, you and Sarah make two of each dolly quilt and exchange them to each other? That’s just incredible for you both (and us to see!!).

  8. It seems like FOR-EH-VER since your last post, and now ALL this. Love the Dresden plates, would like to read that article, can’t wait till February 15, adore chocolate and coconut, and must have a look at that tile quilt book! Must go check online and see if the county library system has a copy….

  9. kim mclean said

    I love the Tudors too – have watched all three seasons twice! love the manic Jonathan Rhyss Myers ( is that how it is spelt) Re Wolf Hall – don’t quite understatnd why it is called Wolf Hall since the story is about Cromwell and Wolf Hall is the seat of the Seymours! cheers, Kim McLean

  10. Kathy said

    So, did you eat the coconut bar yet??? Is it like a Mounds bar???

    Love the dresdens and I’m going to check the library (whenever it manages to dig out from under the snow) for the tile quilt book….

    Enjoy the snow day!

  11. kaholly said

    I really, really like your dresden plate. I am working on a jacob’s coat while I travel, brightly colored batiks, and imagine it appliqued on black. I am impressed with your blocks. Gives me lots of ideas! Thanks. ~karen

  12. Meredith said

    great mini dresden. there is a lot in this post . I like the choclate idea. You seem to do pretty well with taming wild prints.

  13. AnnieO said

    I agree, you had five, five, five blogposts in one! I am in awe of Sarah’s hand quilting skills. I will never be that good! Love the Dresdens and the wonky log cabin and the diamonds…Every one of the quilts and projects and books are causing oohing and ahhing over here. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Jenny said

    what a lovely, eye candy packed post!…well, there was even some real candy in there for goodness sake! the mini’s are delicious too! ugh, and as if I didn’t have enough keeping me from my sewing…Sarah’s posts about the Tudor’s sent me to the library in hunt for those…and now Tile Quilt Revival is on my list also!!

  15. Anita said

    OMG, look at all that eye candy on your blog! I don’t want to change the page. Doll quilts and dresdan plates, colorful fabric. Love them all! You are making me drool. Quick, I need a paper towel to clean off my computer!

  16. Janet said

    Whittakers chocolate is from NZ and their peanut slab is famous. You really can’t help but eat the whole thing in one go. Love the dresdens and the doll quilt from Sarah is fabulous.
    The tudors is 4 series long and then the plug was pulled on production, shame beacause it was a favourite of mine. I had to get the DVD’s!

  17. I adore that What a Star quilt! I think i might need me one of them.

    The dresdens look amazing too! It’s been weeks now and i just can’t dresdens ouit of my head. I’m sure that’s not normal.

  18. Linda Collins said

    l always enjoy reading your blog. Lots of inspiration, thank you.
    l love the fabrics you have used in the wonky log cabin and the ‘starter quilt’. Can you tell me which range they are from?

  19. nanette said

    That star quilt is really something else. Isn’t it amazing how the plain space sets off the colors and lets you really appreciate them in an organized way! I so see what the intent was. Taming color. Love that. Taming print. Taming texture. I adore that quilt. And the quilting is fabulous.

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