Away we went!

Did you miss me? I planned a farewell post before we went on vacation. Oops!

Do you like our accommodations?


We were in northern California where they have:

Blooms and buds and fruits. In February?!?! I had no idea. I guess it was extra-nice weather while we were there. All I know is that I didn’t have to wear a stitch of wool to keep warm the whole time. The winter coat was left here at home along with the snow boots and wool socks. Ahhhh…a delightful respite from winter. We came back and had a snow storm and a snow day. Oh well. The memories live on.

A touch of fabric was acquired. It wouldn’t be vacation without it?

While a certain vintage fabric store, which shall remain nameless, disappointed me by being closed, I made up for it at Britex (30% off SALE!) and Tayo’s Fabrics.

I quickly became overwhelmed at Kinokuniya amidst all of the Japanese books. I had a meltdown and bought two books and a piece of fabric.

And a tote bag so I would remember that I was actually there.

Too much of a good thing. I would also say that about the Jelly Belly factory tour.

I did not need to taste test the centipede, canned dog food, baby wipes, pencil shavings (etc.) flavors.

So, we are back and have resumed normal activities.

Hope you’ve all been well!



  1. Hey, you’ve been in my old stompin’ grounds. I was raised just south of San Francisco, and all my family still lives there. So glad to hear you had good weather in the City. Alcatraz Island is one of my kid’s favorite places to go.
    Looks like you found some great fabrics, too.

  2. Alcatraz is truly scary. I can’t imagine having to live in that little room! Your miniature quilt is absolutely stunning — I love the colors and design!!

  3. Amy said

    Hey! You’ve been in my neck of the woods. Thanks for the new perspective, by the way. I’ve been pretty grumpy about how yucky I think the weather has been! Since winter is the wet season and summer the dry season, everything is really lush and blooming most of the winter around here. Been here four years and it still blows my mind.

    I can not express how much I wish Britex advertised their sales!! I had no idea or I would have been there in a heartbeat! I also did not know about that bookstore in Japantown. I will DEFINITELY be hitting that in the future!

  4. anne said

    Love the accommodation, lol, must have been a bit breezy out there. Love the movie tooo. Wow that is some fabric stash you acquired , oooh to be so lucky to live nearby, look forward to seeing some awesome quilting. Happy Stitching

  5. floribunda said

    Wait — I’ve lived in/around San Francisco all my life and had never heard of Tayo’s fabrics. And I never go to Britex for quilty stuff…

    Anyway, too bad that the nameless place was closed (urban burp, right?) and I’m glad you caught our interval of spring weather!

  6. Andi said

    Looks like a lovely time.
    Gotta love a delicious fabric stack like that!!!

  7. MichelleB said

    Sounds like a great time. You’ll have to share about the stores so that I can see them when I go north this summer. The Jelly Belly Factory is something, isn’t it? lol Always fun – and no nasty beans for me, either.

  8. Stephanie said

    A winter respite…that should be a requirement each year. Looks like you scored with some wonderful goodies. Love your quilt block/little quilt.

  9. Sarah said

    Oh so jealous… you were in one of my favourite cities in the world shopping for fabric and visiting Alcatraz….. how much did you love that? I was just fascinated. Must remember to visit Kinokuniya next time we are there, I never did that before. I am well appraised of the other stores though 🙂 Have fabric, will travel…..

  10. Jenny said

    thanks for the sunny vacation pics…gloomy here in Indiana!
    love your spring-y block!

  11. Well, it’s about time! And aren’t you playing a little fast and loose with the phrase “a touch of fabric”?! Dang! I was just wondering today if I could talk my husband into a little drive down to San Francisco. They have a fabulous exhibition of Amish quilts right now at the DeYoung Museum.

    Welcome back! You’ve been missed!

  12. pam said

    It looks so sunny in your pictures, its POURING RAIN right now and rather dismal out. Glad I could work that weather situation out for you.

  13. What an incredible stack of fabric you came home with!!! Lucky! Your newest dolly quilt is outstanding (just like all the others). Glad to have you back in action. You could have come to the winter Olympics for some summer here in Vancouver. I mowed my lawn on Saturday!!

  14. Jackie said

    Yay, San Fran is just wonderful! I would say you did well in the fabric department. Seriously, are those really Jelly Belly flavors? EEEWWW… I think I would have avoided them too.

  15. Love that cute little quilt! The fabrics are so cute! Polly 🙂

  16. Melinda said

    My favorite city. My daughter lives there and I love it. Glad you were able to pick up some wonderful fabric to enjoy.

  17. AnnieO said

    DH and I went to SF for our honeymoon, and the only picture we have of us together was taken on Alcatraz by a tourist we grabbed. And it was February, cold, foggy, windy, and blustery, not that we cared. Glad you had great weather and resisted temptation in fabric stores and book stores–NOT! Thanks for sharing. Funny post!

  18. sewplay said

    Oh…The thought of ‘Escape from Alcatraz’ still gives me shivers. It’s lovely to see vacation pics from other places. Thanks… and great to have you back!

  19. Katy said

    Just a touch of fabric, then? Hmm……

  20. Molly said

    Quite a trip! And that little bird fabric… swoon.

  21. sewpam63 said

    Welcome home! : ) I was beginning to worry. LOVE your fabric souvenirs…!!!

  22. Janet said

    I’d love to have a look around Alcatraz, maybe one day but I won’t stay in that accomodation. The flowers are so pretty and such a contrast to the snow. What a lovely respite. That’a great bookshop, we have one in Sydney but yuk on the jelly belly flavour. Can I read barf in amongst them? double yuk.

  23. Kathy said

    I love seeing the flowers and the pretty weather… me hope that winter will end sometime in the future…..maybe April???? sigh……

  24. Teasing me with Jelly Belly!! (There goes my sweet tooth, acting up again…. lol)

    Nice stash, too. Glad to hear you had fun!

  25. Carolyn S said

    Thanks for taking us on vacation with you! Your fabric is beautiful — it’s always so interesting to see what fabrics other quilters choose.

  26. nanette said

    Lovely lovely folded fabric. I bet you are loving it! Those flowers are beautiful.

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