Lucky me!

The Doll Quilt Swap is always, always fun and inspiring! DQS8 was no exception. I was a little slow at the start this time but I mailed my quilt out today, so I felt I could finally open the package that had been so kindly sent to me. Kristine was completely on the ball and sent the quilt way back in February. I need to take a lesson from her.

She sent me this little charmer:

Can you believe it? How generous to first make the quilt and then to make it out of FLEA MARKET FANCY! Wow! I call that a NICE person!

Thanks so much, Kristine! And thanks again to the wonderful Doll Quilt Swap organizers — it is always FUN!

I am even luckier still though because Katy (I’m going to start calling her Lady Liberty…) asked me a trick question recently. Next thing I knew, this fabulousness arrived in my mail box (via Royal Mail, don’tcha know?!):

Stacks of half hexes. OH MY. I told Katy this will be the thing that makes me happy when I miss out on all of the Liberty print merch coming to Target soon. Really, a Liberty print bike?!?!?!?!? I NEED THAT…

Oh, and, remember that wonderful new Kaffe book from yesterday?

This item is related to that…

I can barely stand it!



  1. you are so welcome! wish some of the points would have been a little better, oh well, it is hand made! ENJOY

  2. Michele C said

    Wow! I can’t wait until Target puts out the LoL fabric inspired stuff next week. I’ll be buying some blouses or linens, whatever, and cutting them up for my own purposes! I’ll have some LoL one way or the other!

  3. What a haul! You are indeed lucky! How come you’ll miss out on the Target merch? Self-imposed self-control?

  4. Oh, you are very lucky indeed! That is a fabulous doll quilt! Not only the FMF, but I love the dark colors she chose to set them off!

  5. sewpam63 said

    Royal Mail is…AWESOME!!! ; )

  6. Louise said

    Gorgeous quilt – lucky you! Isn’t that Katy a generous soul and I think Lady Liberty is a brilliant name for her!

  7. Janet said

    Lucky you, the doll quilt is very neat with FMF and look at those liberties, I wonder what you’ll do with those.

  8. nanette said

    I love Liberty. These are going to be great hexagons. The flea market fancy is very sweet.

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