Much, much later…

After a lengthy hiatus, I’ve been working on my Going to Market quilt.

I started this quilt in, er, September. My, where does the time go? How do all these other projects keep intervening? I just don’t understand.  I saw that Nanette is working on this quilt too. Hers is going to be HAPPY, I tell ya! I have a feeling I’m going to need to make this quilt again. Maybe the wall version this time though.

But, I do have all of the baskets done now.

All the little ones are done.

All the medium ones are done:

It’s just a matter of 12 more basket handles for the long ones…

and the tall ones…

I am hoping to get these done tomorrow. If not the stitching down, at least the shaping. Promise? Let’s not drag this out anymore than we just have to.



  1. Mary Beth said

    Love it!

  2. MichelleB said

    It’s darling! I love all of those Kaffe fabrics.

  3. auntiepami said

    Hi there–

    Don’t you just love this pattern? I was lucky and saw the original. Wow.

  4. Jenny said

    wow, it looks great. love that basket handle!!

  5. Wow, this looks scrumptious! I love the Kaffe’s (and are there some Martha’s in there, too?) with the batik backgrounds – great idea.

  6. Jackie said

    Funny, that second picture they look like martini glasses. Hmmm… it is nighttime. LOL Love what you have been able to accomplish thus far.

  7. lily boot said

    ooooooh-ahhhhh – Kaffeee baskets! They are beautiful Amy! The finished quilt will be so lucious! Where are you going to put it?

  8. Nanette took the class from my friend Ricci. I have all the Kaffe’s selected, but it will have to wait a while longer before I can start. Yours is looking GREAT!

  9. Jan said

    Those curved basket handles in the graphic stipes are just beautiful!

  10. AnnieO said

    That is an amazing pattern–so many different directions to take it yet still use that black and white handle that ties everything together. Yours will be vibrant and gorgeous!

  11. Janet said

    I think I must have this pattern, I loved it when I saw it at Nannettes and well, the black and white stripes are the best part. Your blocks are great, I can’t wait to see it together.

  12. nanette said

    Oh Amy it is lovely. I love the fabrics. This is what I was going to do mine in but I changed my mind like 3 times. I finished mine over the weekend. I can’t wait to take it to the quilter!

  13. belinda said

    Nice….very nice indeed……you and Nanette have the best ‘handles’…..the
    stripe jazzes it up a bit!!

  14. Chelley said

    I LOVE this quilt, but have hesitated to do it because of the curved handles. I just watched the video and they look easy! I’m going to order the pattern. Can’t wait to see yours finished!

  15. Chelley said

    Debbie, the video is here: It’s the “preparing handles for applique” video.

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