Color and texture and stitching, oh my!

As you may know, I tend to get a little excited about fabric/quilting/stitchy things. Well, I got a little excited about Jan’s recent “Big stitch, big love” post. The bags she linked to really piqued my interest. They reminded me of the beautiful Work Quilts series Victoria has been creating. All of that GORGEOUS color and texture and stitching, oh my!

Have I done anything about these stitchy vibrations going through my head? Well, I’ve collected a few bag patterns whose shapes interest me. I’ve collected a few Presencia perle cottons (the tiny balls of size 12 look like candies) in some scrumptious colors. And I’ve really been ogling this quilt because there are so many good things about it — one of which is the hand quilting through those yummy stripes:

Kaffe Fassett’s Stripe Scape quilt from Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts.

I’ve been pulling out my striped fabrics.

Oh, and I picked up one of the books Jan mentioned…er, along with Keiko Goke’s older book…you know, so I could get free shipping…

The Keiko Goke book plays right along with great stitchiness.

So, my brain is just whirring along with this obsession. Now I just need to get my fingers into the action.

Oh, and this lovely tool is going to help as well.

Acquired from Jackie’s delightful shop. It was time for an updated version for me. I was at least two panels short of new colors. It just keeps unfolding and unfolding and unfolding. What a person really needs is a quarter yard of each color so you can really see what they look like together. har har har

Looks like our kind of game board, no?

I am partial to the flap with a good portion of the greens. Chartreuse? Yes, please.

Gosh, the possibilities!

One last thing if you are looking for weekend entertainment. Have you seen the movie Bright Star? It’s about the romance between John Keats and Fanny Brawne. What a visually stunning movie! AND Fanny Brawne sews the most beautiful frocks, and the ladies wear these jackets with the tiniest crocheted medallions. Oh MY. Finishing off my Going to Market baskets (yea! finished and ready to sew together) was slowed yesterday while I was dazzled by what was on screen. I’ll definitely have to watch this movie again!

Have a lovely weekend! I’ll be thinking stitchy thoughts.


  1. I was excited by Jan’s post too, and now I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    I am so in love with my Kona color card (doesn’t Jackie have the world’s fastest shipping?!). Would it be weird to frame it and hang it over the fireplace?
    Well, maybe in the sewing room I hope to have one day :).

  2. Great post – very inspiring. You may like this purse, too
    Nina-Lise has been using this straight line running stitch to great effect as well. Love it!

  3. Alison said

    Oh I love my Kona colour chart too. And I adored Bright Star – watched half of it on a recent flight and thank goodness the other half on the way home! Wishing someone would recite their poetry to me like that….sigh

  4. MichelleB said

    I finally ordered a color card, too. I can hardly wait till it comes. Especially since I just ordered Kona from two different places – and they were supposed to be the same color – but they’re not! I wonder what I really got? lol

  5. Jackie said

    I have also been intrigued with some of the big stitch projects out there too. Especially Victoria’s. I can’t believe that the old Kona card was that much shorter in color. Isn’t the new one just fabulous! Oh and your dose of caffeine is on the way… LOL!!

  6. Janet said

    I was nearly choking on my coffee reding your post. Sitting here saying me too, me too. After getting Keiko’s book and seeing the bags on Jan’s post, it’s been in my mind to do something. I love the extra texture and layers of big stitches. Thanks the link to Victoria.

  7. Miriam said

    OOhhh yes, I was also inspired by Jan’s post. My head has been buzzing with ideas ever since I saw it!
    I think I should invest in a Kona colour card!

    I have heard great things about Bright Star and the costumes. It is on my list of movies I would love to see.
    OK I’m off to look at all those links! 🙂

  8. Mary Jo said

    Where did you get the book Jan mentioned? I have Keiko’s older
    book and would love to get the other one.

  9. Cathy said

    Hi Mrs S, Oh My is right!! Thanks for the link to Bemused post, I adore that big stitching. Great pics of the colour chart, they are sooo useful! xo

  10. Marit said

    Thank you for tempting me with all these gorgeous pictures and links!! Now I need to get me some thread for this big stitching adventure…

  11. lily boot said

    Hmmmm …. I was at a complete standstill with the quilting of my rosie quilt and was actually thinking of pulling out what I’d done so far until I looked at the photos you linked to of Victoria’s workday quilt – a blend of machine and handquilting – yum! I can’t wait to see what you do!

  12. I hadn’t heard of Bright Star, and will be on the lookout now.
    And I love my color cards. I have them tacked to the wall in my sewing room and they just spell “happy”. Have you seen the one by Moda? Not as impressive as the Kona one, but beautiful never the less.

  13. Heidi said

    I have a beautiful stack of Donegal tweeds waiting to be made into a quilt. After reading your post I ordered the book right away, to help inspire me when I get to the quilting part. Can’t wait to get stuck in! A wonderful post


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