I caught it

The fabric bug that is going around. Not that there isn’t always a fabric bug going around. Let’s call this the “stitchy solids.” It’s definitely an itch than needs scratching. Did you see Jan’s post? I have to go back and digest all of its goodness — it’s jam-packed with viral goodness. Achoo!

I also made a pact with Janet to do something stitchy this week (you did see her little purse tutorial, right? I was taking a gander at zippers today, but remembered that I seem to have a bucket o’ zippers from a rummage sale I can use).

So to scratch the stitchy solids itch, I did some digging in the shot cottons. And the shot cottons got a new storage bin this week (hmm, I have a feeling there are more of shot cottons Down There, but I am nursing a knuckle injury as a result of my search so I won’t be digging around for more for a little while):

See, now I know where they are:

It pains me to cut into some of these, so I took a two inch strip off of everyone:

Just a tiny thing. I still have half a strip and lots of rectangles, so I think I will make a couple of small quilt cousins to I can play around with the colors some more.

I’ll do contrast stitching in each rectangle and then let the stitching trail off into the sash and border. I am stitching with some thread candies:

Oh my! I love these little things (Presencia perle 12):

Here’s my favorite color — of course, my photo doesn’t do it justice. It is darker and practically a fluorescent red orange:

I need a vat of it. It looks spectacular with grey!

How timely that this book showed up. Solids! Hand quilting! Huzzah! I’ll be enjoying this treat later:

Leave us not discuss the fact that the show of these quilts was in San Francisco when we were visiting in February. Shhhh! I said, we’re not going to mention it! Did I mention that Alcatraz was beautiful?

So, a little bit of stitchy-ness while waiting for the child or in the evening in front of the TV. But, during the day today, what did I do?

It seems I mis-read the count for the number of tiny baskets I needed to make. The pattern directions are very thorough, but one has to pay attention. I made 21 blocks but need 44. I have six more to go.

EDITED TO ADD: Wheeee, Nanette has her quilt top done! Go see!

And then maybe I’ll stitch for a while.

Before I leave you, the latest Dollies Online pattern is out for month three:

It’s called Details, Details. Sometime I think I’ll make several blocks of this to make a larger quilt. It’s also a fun little quilt for color and value play. It will be available shortly as a single pattern or is available now as part of the Dollies Online 12-month membership. Cheers, thanks for taking a gander at the new quilt!

I hope it is sunshine-y where you are!



  1. Andi said

    Thanks for all the lovely eye candy!!
    I even love the bin you used for your shot cottons!!
    Andi 🙂

  2. Am v jealous of all of the Target Liberty fun you have got going on over there! We have had to console ourselves here in the Uk with the V+A Quilts exhibition opening this week, I went to the preview yesterday ( blogged) if you want a sneak preview!

  3. Janet said

    Delicious post Amy. Love the shot cottons and the thread love, my reveal coming up tomorrow. I’m palpitating over the threads and the dolly quilt. The Amish quilt book is one for the list of must haves but I think I might have blown the book budget this week.

  4. Stephanie said

    Love your Liberty fabric storage box. Did you get plenty? The dollies quilts are so pretty. I love seeing them done in different colors.

  5. Yummy fabrics and quilty projects, but I would just love a basket of those perle cottons to look at all day! Amazing colors!

  6. Jenny said

    I have managed to avoid Target this whole week. Must. Not. Shop. Any. More. love your new box for the shot cottons…equally love the shot cottons!!

    your dollies quilt is adorable!!

  7. betsy said

    Presencia pearl cotton is my favorite also but I do not have as many yummy colors because I have no local source.
    I like your kona sampler. How exactly are you stitching it?
    I have tried stitching with pearl cotton but it hurts a bit.

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