A rude awakening

That’s what these blooming daffodils are going to get tomorrow when it gets to a high of 45 degrees F and then starts to rain and snow.

So sad to see a defeated daffodil. Until then, I will try to enjoy them.

I also got a small “rude awakening.”

Laundry — check. House semi-clean — check. Grocery — check. New light bulbs — check.

Time to sew, right?

Time to lay out the basket quilt.

And realize that, yet again, I didn’t make enough blocks. Drat! I need three more of those long strippy ones up there. Drat! YEA! BLOCKS ARE DONE! And I can tell I’m going to need to allow extra time for block re-arrangement. When I finally get to that point.

Drat and oh well.

Before I head back to the cutting and sewing of baskets, here’s a piece of new fabric:

Cute, huh?

Always buy the extra large boxers if you’re going to cut them up for fabric.

Have a lovely weekend!



  1. Chelley said

    Just a few weeks ago, I found Lilly Pulitzer boxers on clearance at Marshall’s. I bought two pair to make something for my daughter. Great minds think alike!

    LOVE the basket quilt. I bought some Kaffe fq’s yesterday to start hoarding for mine. Now, I need to get the pattern and the stripes.

  2. Stephanie said

    Did you see the Liberty underthings for women? Ugh! I need to get to the men’s department and fast! Who’d have thunk…boxers! No daffodils blooming here yet and I haven’t wanted to see the weekend weather report. I love living in a false sense of Spring is here to stay. :o) Love your baskets.

  3. Sarah said

    Liberty boxer shorts!! You guys get all the good stuff over there. Nothing but the Simpsons on our Target boxers….

  4. Janet said

    I hope you picked the daffodil and took it indoors to save it. Close on the basket quilt, won’t be long, lol. Loving the Liberty goodies.

  5. Hilarious boxer advice. Shame about the weather and needing even more baskets (although it didn’t seem like it took you long to whip those extras!). Can’t wait to see that quilt all done up. Again, boohoo that we don’t have Target in Canada. No fair.

  6. sewpam63 said

    I’m with Janet regarding picking that beautiful daffodil and bringing it INside! It can be just as yellow and happy indoors as out…perhaps even more so?!

    LOVE the car boxers. I’ve never been above cutting up perfectly good clothing. ; ) Nothing is sacred in our house…except quilts of course!

  7. betsy said

    your basket quilt is wonderful. I had thought about making it when I saw it on Nanettes blog but my piecing skills are not so great. Your color selection is perfect.

  8. MichelleB said

    I DID get those boxers – and yes, in XL. Love that fabric. There was a men’s shirt – in XL – that I also got for the fabric. LOVE it.

  9. Brianna said

    I have just been on the target website trying to work out how to ship to Australia! I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get the chair mailed, I think I’m going to have to settle for a bag. Good luck putting your blocks together, they look great!

  10. nichi said

    I love your basket quilt!…and the boxers too!

  11. auntiepami said

    Thanks! I am out the door….

  12. Anita said

    Our local Target was nearly bare. I did find one pair of XL boxers in a red & white floral print that might just be perfect in my Dear Jane. I hope they reorder soon!

  13. AnnieO said

    At least your daffodil got all the way open so you can enjoy it before it gets slapped down!

    Oh, that pesky math again…underestimating or overestimating or misreading the directions, yep, been there (recently!)

    Boxers, eh? Gotta stop by Target soon. We actually have two in town so I’ll check out both.

  14. I’m also wrestling with my baskets quilt this week. V jealous about the Liberty undies, but we do get gap and I have had some rather nice sheep and ladybird cotton boxers from there that have made it into a quilt though! I think theres a whole new post on pants(boxers) that have made it into quilts!

  15. MaryAnn said

    Oh I lucked out and got a handful of the Liberty baskets and my daughter got a dress and a top. But I couldn’t get the bike…sob, sob! Oh and I so jealous, the basket quilt is stunning.

  16. nanette said

    I am seriously excited to see your quilt put together and then eventually quilted. Darn Target. Ours is mostly all sold out of liberty stuff.

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