Spring baskets

So, hey, the daffodils didn’t get ruined by any yucky wintry weather. And we’re back to full sunshine. Hurrah!

And I just put the last seam in the Going to Market baskets!

Hurrah! One piano key border is ready to go, but I need to figure out the inner border before I go any further…decisions, decisions.

This quilt makes me think of spring and dyeing Easter eggs. I was thrilled to be working with all batik backgrounds — they made the blocks and seams come out so nice and crisp. It really helped where there are seams coming together. I just love the pattern! But, I really need to learn how to count before making it again. Cough, cough, I had to make two more tiny blocks after I laid the thing out this morning.

All’s well that ends well!

Last but not least, do you listen to Pat Sloan’s Creative Talk Radio? I caught the podcast of yesterday’s show — guess who was on? Sarah! So, if you want a little insight into how Sarah plays with fabric, you can take a listen (it’s the March 23 show). In the first half of the show, there was also a fascinating interview with Frieda Anderson.  A wonderful listen all around. Now that I have my miscellaneous software up to date, I can subscribe to all of these lovely things via iTunes. Because, you know, Jackie has a quilty podcast too. So many good things to listen to either while we are sewing or in the car or while exercising (sigh).



  1. Carla said

    I think this is one of the prettiest quilts I have seen…just beautiful. I’ll look forward to seeing the finished product. I’ve been contemplating making a basket quilt using Gwen Marston’s wonky baskets from LIberated Quiltmaking II. Your quilt adds to the “want to”!

  2. Stunning!!!! Love that the backgrounds are all spring/Eastery – perfect timing. I look forward to seeing how you quilt it, Amy. You make the prettiest quilts!

  3. Brianna said

    The quilt looks fantastic Amy. The baskets are all springy and gorgeous.

  4. nanette said

    It is beautiful. You are right. The batiks in the background make it pop. It will be lovely lovely quilted. Speaking of . . . how are you going to have it quilted?

  5. manuela said

    What a stunner! I can’t stop looking at it. Maybe I’ll go listen to the podcasts while staring a bit longer. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Annette said

    Such a beautiful quilt!! Just amazing to look at.

  7. sewpam63 said

    Gorgeous quilt! It reminds me of Bassett’s Licorice Allsorts candies. ; )

    Thanks for the information regarding podcasts. I’ve been hesitant to try them…

  8. Bonnie said

    Love you basket quilt and the colors you used. So fun!!!

  9. Anita said

    Baskets… just in time for Easter! I wonder how much exercising I’ll have to do after eating a Chocolate Bunny?

  10. AnnieO said

    Great looking quilt! I love all the different batik colors. Very very cheery!

  11. Katy said

    very very cute!!!

    I’m very glad to hear the sunshine is holding up…it’s just rain here. As usual.

  12. Rebecka said

    Your quilt if so colorful and cheerful. I love it! The black and white handles are a nice touch!

  13. Jackie said

    Loving your quilt!! I bet you are just tickled with it!! Thanks for the podcast mention. Glad you are enjoying it. Another one due out in a few weeks!

  14. shelly said

    Fabulous! I love it! Well done!

  15. Kathy said

    I love the basket quilt, esp the black and white handles. it really makes the quilt pop!

  16. Janet said

    Oh I love your basket quilt and I can imagine how wonderful it is in the flesh. That was an inspired choice to use the batiks.

  17. Sarah said

    Your quilt looks FAB!! Thanks for the plug on the radio show -and wasn’t Freida fascinating? I was on mute listening in the background and I kept wanting to interrupt and ask her questions 🙂 lucky they muted me I suppose!

  18. Jenny said

    I am loving these baskets! the handles are just perfect. I thought all batiks were just the worst fabrics…and here you show me some true beauty with batiks! thanks for opening my eyes.

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