At first, I thought she’d sent me underwear.

Katy! Katy! Katy! Isn’t there a song about a girl named Katy? If not, I should write one. It would say something about her niceness, her generosity, her fashion sense, her creative flair and her ability to addict me to Liberty of London.

A surprise arrived in the mail box today. You know, the USPS is killing me. We used to get our mail first thing in the morning. Now we get it last thing in the afternoon. Did someone report me for lack of mail patience and now I’m being taught a lesson? Lesson learned, let’s change back the schedule, ‘kay?

I digress.

I find myself quoting Katy on a regular basis. GASP! She’s a gem. I could kind of see through the V & A bag before I opened it, and I thought she’d sent me Liberty boxers. Not that there would be a complaint lodged. Aren’t they pretty?

And the card is pretty too:


It’s all so pretty. THANK YOU, Katy! It’s so nice to have you at hand when my addiction flares up. THANK YOU!!!

Another person putting a smile on my face is Bonnie who left a comment recently. I had to click through and see what Calamity Jane’s Cottage was all about. What sweet things she has for sale! I ordered a book by Sandy Gervais, and Bonnie sent along some beautiful Romantic Homes magazines for me to peruse. What a treat — I have a feeling there is some delightful eye candy in store!

The Sandy Gervais book looks like perfect spring inspiration. I made her Funny Farm quilt some time ago and just love the funky style of that…so this book was right up my alley. THANK YOU, Bonnie!

And the poor little birdy from yesterday…

Poor little thing — he has a needle in his eye and no tail…poor thing.

Tweet, tweet, thanks for the treats, girls!



  1. Katy said

    you are most definitely welcome. You know I like to feed that addiction. Besides, you were never getting that passport sorted, were you? 😉

  2. Jackie said

    Okay, so you receive tons of gorgeous mail!! I think you need to definitely petition your post office for earlier delivery. Just beautiful fabric and wonderful reads. Now you much tend to the birdie. I don’t think a band aid will do.

  3. Mimi said

    If you want Liberty of London boxers like in underware you go to Target and buy the biggest size. After all the price is the same but you get way more fabric with the BIGGEST size. There are Liberty of London signs and desplays all over the store. Lots of Liberty of London items.

  4. Stephanie said

    Lucky Ducky! There is a song about a girl named Katy and I learned it in 5th grade. :o)

  5. Score!! What a bundle! Your needle turn applique skills are maaaad, girl.

  6. Our mail comes at the end of the day, too. And the more excited I am to receive something, the later it gets here!

  7. Cathy said

    Fabulous gifts, love that liberty. Please fix up poor little birdie, he is so cute xo

  8. Janet said

    You must get excited at mail time, what cool pressies. Your applique is terrific, the bird has beautiful curves.

  9. Amy said

    You are so right – the song is an old one, and the chorus goes, K-K-K-Katy, beautiful Katy, you’re the only girl that I adore…

    here’s a link to the history of the song, and the lyrics –

    And her fabrics are lovely. Sigh.

  10. Beth said

    so.. is it underwear? 😛 that katy is such a peach.
    your little chicky is too cute!

  11. Molly said

    I have a little sister named Katy and we sang her that old song over and over when she was growing up–she still hates to hear it!

    I haven’t yet gotten to my local Target store to buy me up some XXL boxers, but it looks like I’d better get there!

    By the way, can you give me any more information about the quilt you mentioned (Sandy Gervais Funny Farm)? I have a sweet spot for anything that is farm-related, especially if it includes chickens!


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