There in spirit

Even if the mail carrier is late, the UPS man is always timely.

For those of us who aren’t going to the V&A show — what can I say? The book is fabulous and fascinating!



  1. I definitely need to get my hands on a copy!

  2. Janet said

    Thanks for the link Amy, I need that book.

  3. sewpam63 said

    You are sew ‘on the cusp’!!! Truly, cutting edge. ; ) Thanks for the info and the link.

  4. Jackie said

    Yes, you are just too hip! Thank you for the recommendation, it is now on the list!

  5. My guild executive just approved buying this book for our library – I can’t wait to get my paws on it!

  6. Gillian said

    I was lucky enough to visit the exhibition on its opening weekend. The wholecloth quilts and the quilts stitched by men (in the 1800s) were stunning.

  7. Meredith said

    I am counting the days until i fly across the Atlantic. I was holding off buying the book as not to spoil my trip. But I am tempted to get it early.

  8. Susannah said

    Am thinking of making my own version of #23 on pages 156 & 182 of King George Reviewing the Troops… Except that my central panel will perhaps be of Me Surveying The Fridge…

  9. Jozelle said

    I,too, was fortunate to be able attend the quilt exhibit at the V & A on opening weekend…my last Saturday in London. The quilts were truly amazing! I bought the book as a treasured memento of my once in a lifetime experience.

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