I just can’t cut it

How long has Hope Valley been out? I’ve had these fat quarters that long. I haven’t been able to find the “perfect” project, one that was worthy of them.

And then I just decided to cut into them.

I wince every time I cut into them.

I’m attempting to play along with Joan and Heather in their delightful plus/cross quilt madness. πŸ˜‰



  1. Carla said

    I like the size of these. Very cute and will be a wonderful quilt!

  2. Jackie said

    Maybe you would be able to cut into it faster if you had a Margarita or two? Looking good!

  3. Anita said

    They look very beautiful cut up! I’m still waiting for the perfect project to hit me as well.

  4. MichelleB said

    They look great! Would you mind telling me your process? I want to do this but get myself bogged down in the details. lol

  5. Keep cutting! These are looking GREAT! I am loving the simplicity of these cross blocks. They seem so restful to me and apparently just what I need right now. I think the cross blocks showcase your Hope Valley beautifully!

    Hop over to Carla’s blog: http://lollyquiltz.blogspot.com/2010/04/liberated-cross-blocks.html, and see what she is doing with Kona solids. I’ve only read two blogs so far this morning — yours and Carla’s — and I feel like a proud mama! You go, girls!

  6. PS (re. Jackie’s post above) I had two margaritas last night and I had no trouble cutting into my fabrics at all. Just saying.

  7. Kim said

    I know the feeling! Mine are still sitting on the shelf in all their glory. This is going to be a great quilt!

  8. If it’s stashed forever without a specific purpose, it becomes a waste of materials, money and space. And it sits on your shelf looking on your other fabrics with jealousy, wondering why you love the other fabrics enough to let them fulfill their destiny while it languishes around feeling unloved.

    (Does that make you feel better about cutting into it? That was my very best pragmatic person impression!) πŸ™‚

  9. auntiepami said

    I really need to get some of this. I just got 3 of Denyse’s patterns (Single Girl, Cog Wheel?, and the one with words). This is a cute idea! And, no triangles or curves…

  10. Beth said

    oh! It looks so lovely though! keep going!

  11. Rachael said

    Your crosses look wonderful!!!I’ve got the same problem with my Hope Valley.I’m thinking of using mine for to modernize a 1800s reproduction quilt. But I’ll probably change my mind a few times more…

  12. Janet said

    Great use of precious stash I say. Look what you’re going to end up with, love the simplicity of the blocks to show off the fabrics. Everytime I come on over, I want to play too.

  13. Love your blocks — very nice!

  14. Abbe said

    I get cutters anxiety. The Hope Valley looks brilliant in the Cross Maddness blocks ;o)

  15. I just cut into my Hope Valley fatquarter stack too. Like what you’re doing and hope I’m happy with mine. I have another stack on the shelf, just in case. How bad?

  16. nanette said

    Lovely way to use them. This is a line that has to be used together. I love how it all works with the colors and patterns in this design.

  17. The only way i could cut into mine was to go buy more!
    Looking fab!

  18. Lucinda J said

    This really showcases Hope Valley in a perfect way!

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