You can look in the bag

Just don’t touch anything.

Jan had a chocolate emergency recently.  Well, I considered it an emergency. She is so sweet that she sent me some SALT caramels. I did not know it but I was having a caramel emergency. These tasty treats resolved that situation — toot sweet.

Jan also must have known of our fondness for pigs and donuts around here too. Cute card! Mmmm, I’m getting hungry just looking at those caramels. Then again, I’ll take a look at the pig in her undergarments. Yeah, I’ll stop eating the caramels for today.

I’m excited about something else today. I picked up the March/April issue of Selvedge magazine yesterday and I can’t seem to put it down.

It’s the quilt issue! Over here, Borders and Barnes & Noble carry Selvedge — I’m sure it’s available other places as well. It is pricey ($25 a pop) so I may indulge once a year. I figured this would be the issue for 2010. It’s beautiful. Really beautiful. I plan to savor this one but can’t seem to get past the first few pages without rushing to the computer to look up a new-to-me something.

Yesterday’s “discovery” courtesy of Selvedge was the Liberty wonky log cabin made by Lynn Jones. You can see it at the Calico and Ivy store blog. Magnificent.

Anyway, if you run into this issue of Selvedge, I highly recommend taking a gander. It is a quilting feast!

Hey, get your hand out of my caramel bag!



  1. Beth said

    oh my. i need some of those salt caramels!!! they look so yummy! I am going to have to see if any store around here carrieds them!

  2. Stephanie said

    Daughter loves Selvedge mag. Yes, pricey so rarely purchased. I may have to splurge on this issue…or at least loiter around the magazines at Barnes and Noble drinking a cafe mocha!

  3. Rita said

    Wonderful emergency food and I just ordered myself some necessary reading! Thanks for the link : )

  4. Jenny said

    Ive never heard of that mag. might need to make a stop at the book store.

  5. Janet said

    How sweet of Jan, watch the teeth with those caramels, lol. I’ve never seen the magazine either but you can make something out of it and inspire the rest of us who can’t get their hands on it. I’ve blown the book budget lately.

  6. Jan said

    Amy, you are too, too funny. Happy that the caramels were a hit. 🙂
    I LOVE that issue of Selvedge! It’s a wonderful magazine but so pricey that it has to be a good issue to justify the indulgence here. One thumb-through and I was standing in line at the bookstore checkout!

  7. kathy said

    thanks for the recommendation….I have never heard of that magazine and will have to look for it.

  8. Whoa! That looks like a great magazine. I wonder if they carry it around here….

  9. Danielle said

    yes, we love love love Lynnie’s quilt ! I’m lucky enough to work in Calico and Ivy and it truely is a masterpiece. I’ve told Lynnie its my favourite quilt in the whole wide world.

  10. hello’s me..lynnie jones..thank u for your wondrful comment on ‘the quilt’..i get goosebumps…’the quilt’ has so much soul …..memories from way back ..memories from construction…it was a true journey..and i thank you…lynnie

  11. AnnieO said

    Ooh, caramels….OUCH! That stung! -okay, okay, I won’t take any more caramels, just don’t slap my hand again!

    It’s nice to find pricey mags worth reading. That’s quite a steep one 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying it.

  12. Katy said

    salt caramels? I’m very intrigued…

    Do you think Lynn Jones might be a distant relly of mine? Might I be able to claim family part ownership of the quilt?

    Selvedge is pricey here (in it’s home country) in comparison to other mags, but I think it makes me feel cleverer after I’ve read it…and that is clearly priceless!

  13. I have Selvedge on subscription and my heart misses a beat when I see the envelope on the doormat. You can have an online subscription as well though nothing beats reading the real thing!

  14. nanette said

    Ohhhh wow. I want a copy! Have to look.

  15. nanette said

    Got it!

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