Fat Quarterly winner!

Thanks for all of your comments and good wishes on my third blogaversary!

I hit up good old random.org to pick a winner of the first issue of Fat Quarterly:

If my counting skills are holding up, that means that Beth of Wee Pereas is the winner! And, oh my goodness, if you are having a bad day and want a pick-me-up, go over to Beth’s blog and see her tiny shoes and the wee babe in her photo shoot. OH MY!

All righty, so congratulations to Beth and a big THANKS to the Fat Quarterly crew for helping me celebrate!

And now I’m going to go sit in front of their store until they open. 🙂

OH, after you read your copy of FQ tomorrow, don’t forget to come back for my official blogaversary day. There just might be another giveaway…



  1. I figure if I stay up late enough, I’ll be able to buy it tonight and read it before bed!!!woohoo. I can hardly wait to make John’s table runner. I even have all the fabric, I think (shocking).

  2. Janet said

    Congratulations to Beth. When you get your copy, give us a good review because we won’t have it in Aussie.

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