Electric Quilt 7

As a Mac user, I’ve only dabbled with Electric Quilt. I missed the upgrade to EQ6 after it appeared that the in-house tech department couldn’t hook me up with Windows XP. And now we have Windows XP, so I’m thinking I might have to leap up to EQ7 when it’s released. When I draw up quilt patterns now, I use Adobe InDesign but I would really love to see teeny fabric swatches appear in those little squares and rectangles and triangles. I could really envision better with EQ. I’m thinking it would also help my total ineptitude with freehand drawing on the computer.  So, I’m looking forward to the new EQ7. Oh, did you know that Electric Quilt makes wonderful stand-alone software (i.e., you don’t need the Electric Quilt software to use them) too — my faves are Sue Spargo’s and Amy Butler’s.

Tomorrow, EQ will post links to 10 blogs that will be hosting Electric Quilt 7 giveaways. Be sure to check that out on May 3!



  1. Jackie said

    Amy, As a Mac user myself there are several other options. There is Quilt Pro for Mac, similar to EQ but designed for Mac. Also, when taking my Apple One To One classes, I learned how to design quilts and add the fabric in using Mac’s Numbers program. Fast and easy and right at your finger tips. In fact that is how I have designed several quilts. If you want to know more about it, I would be happy to talk with you or you can send me an e-mail. If you are a member of One To One, there is a project online there that you can see how the woman designed her quilt using numbers!

  2. Katy said

    as a mac freshman I’m totally flummoxed by anything techy…but I really really want to use software to design quilts, rather than the very old fashioned (and slightly outdated) drawing on a scrap of paper method.

    Quilt mac pro, says jacquie…hmmm…I’m off to check it out….

  3. Janet said

    I’ve only dabbled too, I’ve resisted all the upgrades and use the time for stitching instead. I like the idea of the stand alones though. Good luck for a win.

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