Figure it out

Things aren’t getting DONE, but they’re getting figured out. Figuring things out doesn’t necessarily feel like progress. But it has to be done. So, today is figure it out day around here.

Last week, inspired by this gorgeous bombshell of a quilt over at Ann Champion’s blog (I’ve looked at it so much, my browser knows its way there), I made six of these “big wheels.”

My brain has imagined how it wants this to look. Now I just have to do the math. The math tells me I need at least another three yards of background. Note to self: don’t let the wedge ruler be in charge of things.

Silly me, I thought I could resist Rural Jardin. And then I started mixing it with other things. Silly me.

Also figuring out some smaller wheels today.

Hmmm, still can’t let go of the French General fabric, can we?

And I need to figure out how I want to quilt this:

It’s almost too much to think about in one day. Maybe I’ll take a quick break with a delicious new book:

Although I have a feeling that spending time with this will have me figuring out some more things.

I’d better stick to today’s list.



  1. Lynne said

    Those wheels are just amazing and beautiful. Have you seen some over at Tula Pink too – I’ve just spent five minutes rummaging around her blog to find it! – I keep seeing it and wanting to do it but now I think I want to do the version you’ve done!

  2. Jan said

    Love, love, love the wagon wheels! I’m working on some myself today!

    • Carla said

      Amy, I love, love, love the wedgie thingies!! πŸ™‚

  3. Katy said

    guess what?……. *GASP* (obviously)

  4. I love your wheels! You did a fabulous job on them and they’d fit right in with the top I have. They are such a timeless design aren’t they? well done! πŸ™‚

  5. My, what beautiful work you’re doing lately Miss Amy.

  6. lily boot said

    ooooooh amy girl – those wheels are magic! I’m hopeless at figuring out fabric yardage – even without a wedgie ruler. And guess what – Elaine (such a nice boss!) and I spent a lovely hour yesterday morning ooohing and aahing over this very book. But I have to say, we have the original English cover and it is … (whisper) nicer than the American …. truly! Check it out – its completely covered in a beautiful, almost fabric like copy of one of the greeny blue kaffe quilts inside. It is so … touchy! Elaine wants to make one of the quilts – and since you’re not here, I might have to help her πŸ™‚ What are you going to make? btw – I don’t think it’s possible to have to have too much of the french general fabric. πŸ™‚

  7. Stephanie said

    Wow those are HUGE wheels. Love them. STOP IT! No more new books. OK. You’re very very bad. I found the Tile Quilt book at JoAnns with my 50% off coupon recently. Love it. Still wanting Kaffe’s new book and the last one.

  8. WOW.. Love the big wheels….. looks too crazy difficult for a piecing challenged longarmer… however!

  9. AnnieO said

    Wowsers! Those are some fine looking fabric combos there. Looks like you are having a great time playing with the images in your brain and making them come out your sewing machine needle. Ooh, that pesky math. Grrr!

  10. pratima said

    Your wheels are so delicious and charming! Those smaller wheels are very cute πŸ™‚

  11. barb said

    Hi –
    popped over from be*mused blog and I love your wheels!
    I guess I’ll have to get me one of those wedge rulers, does it come with directions?
    great fabric choices too

  12. Bonnie said

    Amy, I love the big wheels, just keep them coming, they are gorgeous.

  13. Whoa, Baby! Too much gorgeousness for one blog! My head is spinning! How’s that book?

  14. I love those little wheels!!! And the French General fabric of course… I should really stash more of it, shouldn’t I?

  15. pam said

    As usual you inspire !!! (and then piss me off with your cleverness. dang it.) Hey, are you coming to market?

  16. Your wheels are very attractive. I like that you have sections of repeat fabrics within the wheels.

  17. kathy said

    how did you make the little wheels?? And I love the big ones too!!

  18. nanette said

    Oh my gosh you’re doing such wonderful things. I almost see smoke coming from my browser. These are truly beautiful.

  19. christine cohrs said

    I looove the blocks, it will be a stunning quilt


  20. Kathy said

    Did I forget to say I LOVE your big wheels and as for your clever techniques. Thanks.

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