Go see!

Time to go see what the new Kaffe, Martha Negley and Marylebone Liberty fabrics look like!

Swoon and stuff!  I’m planning a blue and white quilt. Guess I’ll have to wait so I can add some of the new blue and whites.

LOVE it all, of course. Notable are the Kaffe ombres and the COLORS of the Martha Negley prints. Oh dear.

Oh, and you can see the new Amy Butler fabric… but it’s not coming until September. Sniffle.


  1. Lorraine said

    Thanks for the links , Amy .
    Some seriously gorgeous prints there !

  2. Caro said

    Thanks for the link to view the new Westminster Fabrics.

  3. Jackie said

    Yes, I ordered a ton for my shop!! I have been waiting to get my hot little hands on them and they will be shipping shortly! I also have the Amy Butler on order. Plus, I have about 27 bolts coming this week!! I will be doing a happy dance for sure. So make sure you check my site frequently. I can’t wait to share it all.

  4. Sarah said

    oops…. I may have already pre-ordered some of the Kaffes from Hancocks of Paducah last week…. 🙂

  5. Brianna said

    Swoon at AB, have had the Kaffe on order for 2 months, just waiting for it to be released and shipped to Australia! Best news is Kaffe is coming Down Under next year!

  6. Janet said

    Can we keep up? I try my hardest that’s for sure.

  7. Katy said

    ah, yes. I spotted them the other day. I wonder if you could guess which liberty print is my fav?????

  8. Cathy said

    Good to see my personal enable at work!!! I love the new Marylebone liberties, divine. xo

  9. nanette said

    I feel like I’ve got a set of crayons and now they’ve come out with a new set of crayons with different colors and I want that new pack of crayons. That provencal fabric has my name on it. I wanty.

  10. Seriously gorgeous fabrics!

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