The great debate

I sewed the big wheel blocks together this morning. It sat on the bed most of the day. I’m this close to cutting it apart and making the blocks smaller. That’s a lot of background. But then again, I may leave them as they are and put a small inner border and a little more background just on the sides. Or… I might just round the corners after it’s quilted and put on a nice blue binding of some sort. Hmm…

While that debate raged on, I started a little something from this wonderful book:

Honestly, this is a great book. The quilt designs let the fabrics sing. I’m reading every word because I don’t want to miss a detail. The text about Jane’s inspirations left me dreaming of colors and shapes and quilts. I also decided I need to get out more so I can have more inspiration. In the meantime, I saw some colorful English beach huts while watching Pirate Radio today. Does that count?

Anyway, I’m starting with Charming Chintz. I changed the 16-patches to nine-patches. Jane’s arrangement also matches one small print with one large print throughout the quilt. I’m messing around with the small prints. We’ll see. There may be a debate about that later too.


  1. Kim said

    Love them both!!!! Can’t wait to see how you finish off the big wheel! I’m anxiously awaiting my own copy of Jane’s new book. Cannot wait to get it in my grubby hands! :o)

  2. Victoria said

    wowza. You make BIG Chintz look fabulous! I can see snuggling up in that quilt! fab!

  3. Stephanie said

    Oh gosh I love them both. I hope you don’t take your big wheels apart but you’re the one who has to be satisfied. LOVE the blendiness of the second quilt. I remember blended quilts being popular a while back and I’m happy to see a more modern version of it back.

  4. Kerri Kowal said

    Love that wheel quilt, but I see what you mean re: a lot of background. Have you considered adding some appliqued circles or squares to the intersections of the blocks? A smaller circle in the middle of the wheels might be interesting, as well.

  5. I LOVE your big wheel blocks. They turned out fabulous!

  6. lily boot said

    You are so channeling Jane in your nine patch – very nice. And I agree about the inspiration. When we go on weekend picnics, I am always SO inspired – but the conundrum is, when we go out I don’t have TIME to sew. Hmmmmmm …. have to work on this one. Your wheels are beautiful – I don’t think I noticed before how they are in four quarters – yum! And I love the background – I don’t think it’s to spare at all – hey, go back to fat quarterly and check out those wee houses on the huge white quilt – white is cool 🙂

  7. Janet said

    I love the big wheels! Outstanding, like patchwork donuts. There’s a book I might have to get my hands on, I love the chintzy look.

  8. Jackie said

    I really like all the white, great space for quilting. But then again that is coming from a quilter, right? Thanks for the link to Jane’s blog, fabulous! She is now on my list.

  9. Jan Smith said

    Your 9 patch is going to be beautiful! And, how about some applique between the fabulous fan blocks? It’s easy to suggest when someone else is doing the sewing!

  10. Anita said

    Lovely wheels & 9-patches! If the wheels seem to have too much background for you, maybe you could some sort of applique vine, or big stitching or something like it that the Japanese quilters seem to do so well. Keep going! Don’t let it become a UFO. 🙂 It’s going to be wonderful!

  11. Carla said

    Your wheels are perfect…not a wobble to be seen anywhere! I love all the white myself. I ordered Jane’s book and got notice that it is on it’s way from Amazon…..thanks for suggesting it. I’m excited to be inspired by a new (to me) author. I’ll take it with me to read while waiting for hours to see my husband get his MBA diploma on Saturday….I’m sure the time will fly!!

  12. Cathy said

    I’m loving your wheels there Mrs S. I think I’m going to have to copy you and make one of these for myself, very tempting. Perhaps you could put the ‘donut’ middles in the in-between spots? I actually like it as it is though, do you really need anything else? Love Jane’s book, especially all the info she includes with each quilt. Your new quilt is looking fabulous already xo

  13. barb said

    Love the 9-patch and chintz! Delicious!
    I also love the big wheels – room for more quilting int he background? I really need to get that ruler!

  14. I love the big wheels quilt! My first thought was “what a great place to do some pretty quilting”, but the suggestion of adding some applique would be nice too!

    Your 9 patches with chintz is VERY pretty.

  15. Wonderful projects! You are always coming up with something fantabulous!

  16. diane said

    Hold on…step away from that quilt…far, far away! The wheel blocks are fabulous, but they need some visual space around them. If you could take a photo of the assembled quilt top and view it on your computer in a reduced size (50 % or less) the background fabric might not appear so stark to you. The texture of quilting will also minimize the impact of all that white. Think it over before you cut down those blocks.

    Now the chinz with nine patches is another story! Full speed ahead on that one. Chinz with checks, chinz with dots…those fabric combinations are charming!

  17. nanette said

    That 9 patch is super interesting. I’d never seen one done like that. Very artistic but simple. I think your wheels are perfect. I personally like a lot of white.

  18. sewpam63 said

    I LOVE your Wheel quilt! What about appliqued circles? Sort of biggish maybe? Made with bold polka dot fabric? Hmmm. Just a thought. That’s what I ‘see’ when I look at it. ; )

  19. I really want that book, so I gave it to my MIL for Mother’s Day. She commented that she liked the dorm room pictured on the cover. Huh? She makes quilts, too, but I guess we just have different taste. For the first time, when the in-laws came to stay, I left all my sewing in the dining room and a big stack of quilts/quilt tops to show her. I thought we would spend hours talking fabric and quilting, but it only lasted about 10 minutes. Sigh. I tried.

    PS — I LOVE the wheel quilt. The last (and probably only) time I made a quilt with a lot of white sashing, I worried that it was too much, but once quilted — fantastic!

  20. samantha said

    the wheels look fabulous to me as is…thanks for sharing the book, it looks wonderful!

  21. Both are perfect. More background = more room for Amy’s excellent machine quilting.

  22. Annabel said

    What beautiful wheels! You quilt is looking wonderful.

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