SSSQ Quilt-along

Jackie showed what she’s working on for the Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts quilt-along — her bright and beautiful Bordered Diamonds.

I’ve been sitting with a start for the quilt-along for a couple of weeks. Wondering what to do next. Shocked that it took two entire days to sew up a fairly small top.

I started with the Striped Donut pattern from SSSQ and maybe 45 inches of pastel Serape. The Serape fabric is one that you look at and think, “say, good lookin’, you’re full of mystery and surprises, aren’t you? You and your hazy unevenness….” Something like that anyway. I got a small pile of small print coordinates for the corner triangles, decided to cut the stripe so that it would efficiently use the width of the fabric and away we went. Surely this could go together and be off the design bed in a day.

Surely you jest. I powered through to the evening of the second day. Bound to get it off the design bed because I didn’t want to screw up the order trying to lay it out again properly the next day (note to self: install design WALL).

So, there that is. I’m still poring through the book looking for inspiration for the border.

I am thinking the border may involve this:

I am hoping the border does not involve this:

Don’t worry, I’ll save them for something. Maybe the border…

In the meantime, there’s still time to join the quilt-along. There’s also a fascinating Simple Shapes Spectacular Quilts blog tour rolling along. Nice of them to have these festivities during my birthday month!

Oh, and the chintz squares have been put together:

I decided it needed a little bit of bordering too.

Hope there’s sunshine where you are!


  1. Stephanie said

    I’m amazed at how much movement there is to your quilt. Looks like you have enough leftovers for another project….or the border.

  2. Wow. I want to see how you quilt that one! Very nice.

  3. Jackie said

    Too funny! I say that to many of the fabric pieces in my stash. LOL! I think you did a fantastic job. I love the colors and the painted daisies are the perfect color for this quilt. You really did power through this. Now if I wasn’t so tired right now, I might power through more of my diamonds tonight, but tomorrow for sure!

  4. I just got Kaffe’s book, and with all my stash that is one quilt along I would have loved to join. But, time restrictions make it where I had to pass. I sure am having fun looking at everyone else’s wonderful quilts, though! I’ll be following your progression.

  5. Carla said

    Both quilts make me think of summer! Love ’em! The floral for the border is so very wonderful!

  6. Janet said

    Whenever your birthday is this month, have a great one. I love seeing what you get up to when you’ve been sewing, it always surprises and delights me. I hope your quilt speaks to you soon about the border.

  7. Victoria said

    cruising along, you are! You can just send that chintz one over to my house… You won’t want that…with so many other lovelies to work on!
    wink wink… No? oh well. It’s a beauty. i love it!

  8. Margaret said

    I love that quilt, seeing so many different things as I ponder its construction.. Really nice………..

  9. MichelleB said

    More eye candy! I love that chintz one, too. I think I need it more than Victoria does. I just can’t seem to get enough of nine patches – they always look so great.

  10. andi said

    Stunning quilt Mrs!!!

  11. Sarah said

    Oh man, where do you get all your TIME??? Send me some will you? And I can see a Dollie in all those little triangles 🙂

  12. Love that SSSQ quilt, It’s funny but I am reading Kaffe and Jane Brocket at the moment too – think i’m doing too much reading and not enough sewing though when I see how productive you are! Lovely quilts!

  13. lily boot said

    my goodness girl! You have been a patchwork genie! The quilt tops are beautiful – that diamond is truly extraordinary. I’ve never tried anything like that. And thanks for the tip for the Kaffe quilt-a-long – what are you doing?

  14. Goodness. It’s another stunner. I love the diagonal row of purple centered-squares. **sigh**

  15. nanette said

    It is fabulous. Sort of like a bunch of kaleidoscopes. Kind of a trip! I love the visual effect.

  16. pratima said

    aww… it is so pleasant and soft and flows together so wonderfully! Love your options for the border (‘ v ‘)

  17. Bronwyn said

    The colours are so so pretty – love the fabric for the border (maybe) – what is it called? It is delicious!!!!

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