Do I smell cake?

You’re invited for cake and coffee. Come on over! I’m a plain birthday cake kind of a girl. No fondant, no filling, no chocolate, no nuts. Old school birthday cake. I’m pretty picky about frosting though. None of that flavorless whippy stuff that tastes more like Crisco than anything. Yummy.Β  I made the household aware that I was ordering my birthday cake. So that we wouldn’t have two birthday cakes. That has happened. Not that two cakes would be a bad thing. Just a little unnecessary and perhaps indulgent.

It’s been kind of an if-fy week. But things are vastly improved today. And not just because there’s cake. Let’s see, I’ve had lots of coffee in lots of forms. My favorite was the soup bowl of caff-uccino at a neighborhood restaurant. Then I went to a garage sale. I had high hopes for that sale — one of the participants is a known vintage fabric person. Alas. I did find a new book:

The story of a patchwork quilt with magical powers. We all know about that. There are some funny bits:

“It is pretty,” my father admitted, “but what are you going to do with it?”


I like the color scheme of the illustrations too.

Nice aquas, greens, grey and gold.

After the lack of stash enhancement at the garage sale, I wandered off to a local fabric shop.

I finally picked up some of the Westminster Liberty “Aft” Fabric. Crack me up — the selvage all says “Aft” instead of “Art.” I also picked up some M&S Textiles aboriginal prints. I kind of like these fabrics all together. Hmm…

Had to get a little of the great Alexander Henry owls on canvas:

I have some on light grey background, but you can’t have too many cute owl fabrics.

That’s the day so far. I also got a new camera. It’s similar to my old camera but with just enough changes to drive a person a little bonkers. So far I don’t think it’s made my photos magically better. I guess I should really read the manual and maybe even Photography for Dummies. Speaking of which, it takes GREAT video of the dogs.

Don’t forget, come on over for cake!



  1. Stephanie said

    Happiest Pretty Birthday Cake to You! Misprinted selvedges. How much fun. You must use them in a selvedge project right? Or you could hock them on ebay as unique! I love children’s book and have a collection of children’s books about quilting…none vintage however. Good score.

  2. MichelleB said

    Happy, Happy Birthday! Can we have coffee, too?

    Those are some lovely, lovely fabrics. I’ll fondle them for bit while I’m there, if you don’t mind. πŸ˜‰

  3. Carla said

    Happy birthday, Amy! I would love to stop by for cake and coffee….wish I could twitch my nose and be there!! Your fabrics are fab! I love the owls as well, but haven’t seen it yet in the decorator weight. Fun, fun!! Have a fun day!

  4. Kim said

    Happy Birthday Amy!!!! I hope your day was extra special! Love the new fabbies!!! And the book….adore!

  5. Angela said

    The cake and that book both look super yummy! I’ll be over!

    Happy Birthday Amy

  6. Katy said

    love those liberty ‘aft’ fabrics.

    I’ve heard the words ‘that is pretty, but what will you do with it’ so many times. Does the book also say ‘there is a finite number of quilts one can have’ as well? That’s a favourite saying from certain members of this household. Pah.

    Happy birthday to you – I’d join you for cake. Well, I can’t eat the cake, but I will sneakily feed it to the dog and instead drink plenty of coffee. See you in, um, 9 hours or so? Hmm, not exactly a nip down the road, is it?

  7. Carol said

    Happy, Happy Birthday Amy! Many, many more!

  8. On my way for cake, Weight Watchers or not!

  9. Oh my gosh, happy birthday Amy!!! Good on ya for ordering the cake you want. Hey, is katy visiting you on her way to California!!?? No fair! I want to come too and I wouldn’t dream of feeding cake to the dog! I hope you girlz have a wonderful time together. I foresee Liberty fabric love.

    Happy, happy day.
    p.s. I have not taken my little nest charm off since the day it arrived. I adore it. xo.

  10. Sarah said

    I’ll be there right after I drop the dog to the vet. I’ll bring coffee from the fabulous little cafe up the road that has fresh baked biscotti. They also make their own chocolate so I’ll bring some of them too…. “sigh”… wish we really could. Must have loads of coffees in Houston to make up for it.

  11. Miriam said

    Happy Birthday Amy!!!

    Beautiful fabric!
    Have fun with your new camera.

  12. Jan said

    I would be there in a minute if I could! Sounds like a fun birthday. Enjoy the rest of it, Amy!

  13. Jenny McH said

    Happy birthday, I hope you have been totally spoilt. Hope you have plenty of chairs for all of us to sit around the table & enjoy coffee, cake and the great company. Best wishes for the coming days.

  14. Jackie said

    It’s your birthday and you can have any cake, any frosting, and any fabric you like!! Happy, happy day!! I hope that you have made the most of your day and are now resting comfortably!!

  15. andi said

    Happy birthday!!
    Send some cake over to Melbourne!!

  16. Happy Birthday!!

    Thanks for the cake – cake’s my favourite. I’m generally of the opinion that there is no such thing as too much cake…

  17. Happy Birthday!
    The book looks like a keeper. Now if we could just all snuggle in a quilt and have you read it to us.

  18. AnnieO said

    Happy Birthday! Welcome to the world of being a year older! I hope the cake was tasty. I agree with you on the tastefree fluff on most cakes. Give me a spice cake with buttercream or cream cheese frosting any day!

    Your fabric foray looks wonderful.

    Gonna post the video of the dogs?

  19. Lynda said

    Happy Birthday – all the best people have May birthdays. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  20. jmbmommy said

    Happy Birthday! Those fabrics are absolutely yum! Hope your day was fine.

  21. Janet said

    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Amy, happy birthday to you. Imagine I’m singing like Mariah, lol. Lovce the new fabrics!

  22. Marit said

    Happy birthday Amy! That cake looks delicious. Birthdays in May are the best, don’t you think

    ; )

    btw; those liberty fabrics are gorgeous – haven’t had a chance to see them in person

  23. lily boot said

    happy happy happy birthday our lovely Amy! That sure is a cake. I’ll be over in a jiffy – and can we get some more of those coffees in the soup bowl! Ahhhhh … your new fabric is luscious! And the book is too cute! Ha! So glad you’ve had a great day πŸ™‚ all my best wishes and love πŸ™‚

  24. pratima said

    Very Happy Birthday to you :o)
    May the coming year be filled with lots of smiles, great times and yummy cakes πŸ™‚

  25. diane said

    Happy Birthday! I get to join you for cake any time I want. I’m still enjoying that little cupcake quilt you made me.

  26. Happy Birthday! Hope I’m not too late for cake!

  27. Cathy said

    So did your birthday turn out fine Amy? I hope your week has got better. Love the cake and the flying quilt book (I want a flying quilt!!), Kaffe’s liberties look better in your pic than in any of the online shops, maybe I will have to rethink! Hope you are well xo

  28. Meredith said

    What a great day. Happy Birthday!

  29. ibby said

    Happy Birthday!

    Is there any cake left? πŸ™‚

  30. Christiane said

    cake is a great idea as are those Liberty fabrics, adorable and inspiring!
    Have a great week, birthday girl!

  31. Happy birthday Amy!! Hope you have saved me a lil slice of cake. I’ll pout if not!

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