Happy camper

It’s the fun-filled nearing-the-end-of-the-school-year. It keeps a person hopping. One person hopped off to a couple of days of camp. Oh my, those are small kid-filled cabins. Did I mention it’s been really warm here? I’m expecting the camp laundry to be extra smelly. Can’t wait. Should hit full ripeness about this time tomorrow.

Guess what sits on the very same road as the camp? Just guess. A lovely quilt shop. Yep. Goodies at every turn. I’ll schedule my volunteer time next year so that it doesn’t overlap with hubby’s volunteer time. Ahem. I worked quickly:

Now, I ask you, who needs lunch when there is delectable fabric to look at? Pshaw!

Look, something to eat!

As Arnold would say: I’ll be back.

When the camp laundry arrives, I may have to go out to the back yard for regular sniffs of these:

Ahhhhh, peony time!



  1. Stephanie said

    Your camper must be in 6th grade–I so remember those days. One child of mine came home like a drowned rat after days of Oregon rain…we lived in Oregon at the time. Gorgeous fabrics. Love the roosters.

  2. Chelley Black said

    Oh!!! I am SO envious of the peonies! They are my favorite flower of all time and I haven’t had any in years. Have you ever seen the Peonies Envy website? Love the name!

  3. MichelleB said

    Love the peonies! I’ve never had them, but would love to. Lovely fabric finds, too.

  4. lily boot said

    that fabric Amy is gorgeous! I haven’t seen ANY of those designs around here. The toile-y one with the roosters is especially lovely – what is it?

  5. wiping off monitor drool. That is some seriously awesome stash aquisition!

  6. Cathy said

    Fabulous fabrics Mrs S, I adore that rooster toile! xo

  7. nanette said

    They are all beauties. And I have a few of them, too. They will make great projects.

  8. Janet said

    I had the most gorgeous Peony in NZ that was the plant that was originally in my grandparents garden and everytime I see them it reminds me of it. I was sad to have to leave it behind. Love the fabrics, especially the unusual toile, gorgeous! Good luck with the laundry, hosing it down in the yard first might help, lol.

  9. Great fabrics! Peony time is the best!

  10. Lucky you to have warm weather. It’s in the 50’s here and I’m sitting in my trusty ol’ lambswool sweater. We still have our lilacs, peonies are in hiding.

  11. jmbmommy said

    Why is it that every time you show some fabric I see some of my favorite picks? Great taste, I tell you!

  12. kathie said

    oh my gosh I love that rooster fabric, whose is that i NEED a piece of that fabric:)
    ah camp laundry something to really look forward too!

  13. pratima said

    The fabrics are so gorgeous! Beautiful peony šŸ™‚

  14. barb said

    I love peonies – yours’ is beautiful!
    I love the chickeny-toile’ fabric tres chic.
    I bought the wedge ruler, now I have to find time to play with it.

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