Didn’t I just make a basket quilt?

Um, yes.

This is what happens when things get a little off-track. When momentum on other things gets interrupted.

After you see something lovely like this:

“Basket of Daisies” by Akemi Matsuyama

So, then you do this instead of what you’re supposed to be doing:

Magically, there is only one piece that required insetting as I put vague quadrants together.

The baskets are just fused down. I’ll “finish” the edges with some straight stitching primarily in black when it’s time to quilt. Which really ought to be soon because the fusible is starting to give way.

Guilty as charged.


  1. jeez louise, you are amazing, amy.

  2. Stephanie said

    Oh how I love baskets! May I just say CUTE?

  3. Victoria said

    hehe! yup, I do that all the time… that’s why the LIST is so long of things to finish!
    to cute!

  4. What a fabulous quilt! I love everything about it, the colours, the layout, it just so gorgeous and fun! I look forward to seeing it quilted!

  5. very interesting and very beautiful.

  6. pam said

    I”m throwin my sewing machine away.

  7. Carol said

    Soooo cute!

  8. I know what you mean about baskets. I have a few quilts with them too!
    Your colors just pop, and I love what you are doing. Is this your own design? You’ve got a winner!

  9. Andi said

    Gorgeous, Mrs Amy!!

  10. Jackie said

    Hmmm… now you have me thinking. That could be bad!

  11. Carla said

    Stop! You’re killing me!! Can I buy some of your creativity?

  12. PINK!!! You have PINK baskets! What magazine are they from? Now I know what you’ve been up to.

  13. Janet said

    It’s awesome, no wonder you have to make it. I love the pink and black! Do tell about the book though.

  14. Marit said

    These baskets are quite avant-garde! A stunning and fun quilt top. It would be a crime not go go with such a creative idea. Have fun with the quilting!

  15. Rebecka said

    I love how you designed your quilt. The baskets are so cute!! Can’t wait to see how you quilt it.

  16. barb said

    Too cute for words! love the color combo

  17. Sandie said

    Are you kidding me? This is fabulous!

  18. Lori Holt said

    oh yes…the old “i got sidetracked” . i do that all of the time…i see something and have to start on it RIGHT NOW. i just finished 2 basket quilt…going to market and laundry baskets.
    i love yours…is that a magazine with the pattern?
    thanks for the inspiration…

  19. Mama Spark said

    I love this it’s awesome!!! Thank you for sharing.

  20. Corrie said

    I am looking for the ultimate basket quilt…this may be it. very very nice. I’m enjoying your blog!

  21. Meredith said

    Baskets on the brain?

  22. HOLY MOTHER OF BASKETS, AMY! WOW… I LOVE YOUR BASKET QUILT! Look what you’ve done – you’ve sent me AllCapLand! WOW!

    I love how you see things, and then Amyatize them. IWWAWD… if I see something nice, but now a lot of pow… I Wonder What Amy Would Do.

  23. Pratima said

    They are utterly cute and so so pretty!! I Love the fun-funky handles they are adorned with… Cute!

  24. Cathy said

    Oh My, these pink and grey and black and white baskets are divine IMHO, hehe!!!! Can’t wait to see them quilted. Love the different handles. I will think of you as I quilt my mosaic pieces on before they all fall off too!!! xo

  25. nanette said

    You know you’re killing me here. Deep deep gory wound. I must have this pattern. What book is this from? I am going to die without it. I want to have this quilt. I must.

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