I was kind of a fan of the old schedule

Summer F.U.N.K. This summer out-of-schoolness has hit me up-side the head and I was not ready. Clearly. There is a mental recalibration that seems like it’s happening about as fast as turning a big ship. Not ready. But the end of school arrived, ready or not. I may not be able to call in sick on these days, but I have been calling in crabby. But, I think we may be headed in the right direction with compromises in hand.

Some people seem to be actively working to uplift my mood.

First, I’ll mention the new Kaffe fabric has landed over at Glorious Color. Happy!

Namely, Sarah, for one.

A parcel/extravaganza arrived. See, my birthday wasn’t over! There was a smashing Dollies Online quilt:

Little Trees! If you’re looking for something different to try this summer and you’re not already a Dollies Online member, keep an eye out for the individual pattern for this quilt — Sarah has lovely advice for changing up your fabrics with doodles! Take a gander at just some of her ideas:

There is a piece of Nicey Jane fabric — the one with the bubbly big polka dots — that I want to doodle upon.

There was also a SUMPTUOUS scarf:

Oh dear heavens! Isn’t it beautiful. No, you can’t have it, but I wish you could feel it. The base is the drape-iest wool I have ever felt. EVER. Gads, it’s gorgeous!

And? Matches the Little Trees quilt, dontcha know:

I’ll have to wear them together in public.

And she sent chocolate (sorrrrry, no photo, you understand). And one of a kind fabric:

And more fabric:

I know it’s a lot of goodies for one person, but I’m really old. And really crabby.

Thank you, dear Sarah!

Stephanie is also boosting my mood:

She sent me a LOVELY stash of Molnlycke fabric that belonged to her mom. This is the brand that was recommended by my home ec teacher in junior high. The quality is amazing and I’m thrilled to own it. She also sent along that lovely rayon in the front. Yum yum! THANK YOU, Stephanie! The Molnlycke is following a Swedish theme since I have decided to read Stieg Larsson mystery trilogy this summer.

Right when school ended, I also got these thank you flowers from Dear Daughter and Dad:

The flowers were for packing lunches and such. Awwwww. Yes, weepiness ensued. Followed shortly by unappreciative crabbiness. 🙂

Other than that, I’m trying to make headway on the to do list. I also needed to face the trimming of these:

Remember my off cuts from the Kaffe quilt-along stripes? I sewed them together a while back. Keeping them in a semblance of order is kind of challenging. That’s mainly why I thought I’d better get busy on them. Use them or lose them. Literally.

They are currently being monitored by Squidley Dudley:

He’s fresh back from monitoring the oil spill in the Gulf, I think.

And then there’s a new Dollies Online quilt to work on:

Oh, the math.

I’ll end with some gratuitous photos of flowers. I’ve been taking their pics in the mornings because I know they won’t last. In fact, the sweet peas have entirely faded after hitting their stride just last week. Sad, that.

Well, if all that can’t lift a mood… I’m in deep, deep trouble.

May your mood be bright!



  1. Stephanie said

    My goodness you should be on Cloud 9! I absolutely love the little trees an what a simple but elegant scarf. I love your off cuts…whatever you’re doing with them. They look like the colors of salt water taffy.

  2. Kathy said

    May the festivities continue for a little while yet! The little tree quilt is gorgeous; Dudley is soo cute (so pleased he’s safe) and thank you for the sweet pea thought.

  3. Jackie said

    Oh my!! What a post, there is definitely no F.U.N.K. here! So much wonderful fabric and notion love going on here. How much can a girl take? It is no wonder you ended with gorgeous flowers!! Okay, so that thread we discussed has landed in my shop! As well as some of the new fabric! Yay!!

  4. Chartreuse Moose said

    Thanks for the lovely blog! Your photos are beautiful…wonderful close details of the flowers and even your scraps are delightful!

  5. Flowers: gorgeous!

  6. Brianna said

    Love the flowers, they are gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what you make with all those tiny little squares. You are so lucky to get all that love in the mail. Still waiting at my letterbox for my new Kaffe to come. I really really need it for my Joseph’s Coat!!!!!

  7. Oh such a lot of lovely things!!! The sweet dolly quilt, the dreamy scarf.. I can’t wait to see what you do with those amazing coloured stripe blocks! Sweet sweet peas. I’ve got a stem of green cymbidium orchids in my loungeroom at the moment too! I gave it to myself for making lunches, etc.. Hope you get some sewing time soon. Cheers,

  8. Katy said

    oh, you’re crabby too? I am – must be our impending old age.

    How come no-one buys me flowers for making lunches and stuff? Hmm. I think some retraining of children is required over the summer.

  9. Anita said

    Lots of lovely things to look at… thank you! My mood has been lifted! The fabric, the flowers, the thread. I haven’t seen Molnlycke in years. Does anyone sell it anymore? I have a few spools leftover from my apparel sewing days.

  10. nanette said

    Either I have to stop reading your blog or quit my day job. Holy Cow. I get such frustrated inspiration from you. I want to do everything you do. Ohmigosh. Just incredible stuff.

  11. pam said

    Wow that’s a lot of loot! I feel your pain, well actually I remember that pain. A little too well. I’m with Nanette. Frustrated inspiration. That about sums it up.

  12. holy, there’s a lot in that post! First – gorgeous fabrics and dolly quilt and doodling and scarf from Australia! Wow!! Second, how nice is it that your family honored all of your mom-work with those lovely flowers (that would never happen here, you know). Third, what a thread score!!! Finally, you have gorgeous hydrangeas in your garden. The green photo is simply stunning. I hope you can bust out of your funk soon, cuz from over here things are lookin’ good in land of Schmenkman. Like, really good! (I can say this because my kids still have 3 days of school left – I’ll be back and crabby next week).

  13. pratima said

    The dollie quilt is utterly adorable! Love the doodles!! Those Kaffe squares are looking so tiny and sweet.
    Beautiful flowers in your vase and garden 🙂

  14. patty said

    Molnlycke is my favorite thread! From what I have learned, you can’t buy it anymore and that’s a shame. I have a few spools left and I will be sad when they are all gone.

  15. jmbmommy said

    I am so behind.. but glad to catch up… that leaf quilt is da BOMB! I am going to go and look at it again… wonderful! Wonderful! Why have I be away so long…this beauty would definitely made my summer better. I will not be such a stranger. My husband read the Stieg larsson books this summer and he couldn’t put them down… I am a bit nervous, because I have a weak stomach for scary things. Maybe? Did you like them?

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