Roseville Album, pass it on

If you keep track of these things — and I do — I just wanted to pass on that Kim McLean’s latest quilt pattern, Roseville Album, should be available on Sunday is available NOW over at Glorious Color. That’s the word on the street from Liza via Pam. Maybe I can ease up my number of routine visits over there. Ah, probably not….there are more patterns coming. 🙂



  1. Janet said

    That’s a newsflash, I’ll be checking.

  2. Janet said

    Wait no longer, it’s arrived!

  3. Are you planning on making this quilt? I saw a picture of it this morning. Lots of work involved but a gorgeous quilt.

  4. Oh my Lordy!!! I’ve just seen the quilt! Words can’t express the amazingness!

  5. Sharon said

    Lots of work going on here. Love your butterfly tutorial. Saved some photos because I can’t remember directions without photos. Not a blogger but love to visit. Need to ask permission before saving photos?

  6. sewpam63 said

    I can NOT wait for the mail to be delivered. It doens’t come on a Sunday does it…?! : /

  7. I’d love to see how that thread shows on the shot cottons. I’m really leaning towards a big big bunch for a City Quilts quilt. But, really, do I need an excuse to buy thread? Or fabric for that matter….?

  8. Angie said

    I really enjoyed viewing all of your work. You do an amazing job. :0)


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