Me too!

And, well, I don’t have anything else exciting to show you about this, you know, like stitching or anything. Unlike Pam and Kathie who are diving in. Like gangbusters over there. On the other hand, I have decided on a background (ooooh, ahhhhh, Kona aqua) and have some other new fondle-ables on the way for it. It’s a fantastic, fantastic design and I’m so glad it’s here for us to enjoy.

In the meantime, I haven’t been at my sewing machine for TWO DAYS. Ack! I finished the quilting on the Lourdes Sanchez/Botanica quilt on Tuesday. The quilting got done faster than I thought it would which just proves, once again, the “just do it” mantra. Grab some time here and there and git r done. I’ll have to remember that as I do the binding…

The to do list is somewhat out of control. I made myself sit down and do Doris’s block for the One Block Over bee. Not that it was a chore by any stretch. I just needed a manageable bite today. I love the block she chose:

I look forward to seeing the other color combos Doris sent out. Very fun!

I’ve also had a little dreaming session with some blocks that Kathie sent over:

There are more pieces to make more blocks. Could you just die over these fabrics?! Talk about bright and cheery and completely energizing! I see some Kona coffee becoming involved with these. Thanks so much, Kathie! I promise to give the blocks a good life.

While the sewing machine has been a little quiet, I have been making my way through The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

I only have a tiny bit left to go and I can move on to the next book in the trilogy.

It really tickles me every time the coffee is made in this book. If that’s Swedish hospitality, I’d better plan a trip. Sounds like my kind of place!

Okey dokey, for you here in the States, have a safe and happy July 4th! Tonight we’re off to one of our fave places to enjoy some music and some fireworks. Wheee. Hmm, should I take some stitching along???


  1. Cathy said

    Enjoy the reading. I am now about 75% of the way through Hornet’s Nest. They are thrilling reads. I can’t wait be done but will be sad the series has come to an end.

  2. sewpam63 said

    Sew glad your pattern arrived, Amy. : ) The fabrics you’ve selected are beautiful! Enjoy the fireworks…

  3. pat sloan said

    it is very dangerous reading your blog… I have the lollipops calling my name.. is this next for the pile???

  4. Carla said

    Wow, Amy! You don’t mess around!!! You inspire me so much.

  5. Katy said

    I’ve never read any of the trilogy, because I didn’t like the cover on the girl with the dragon tattoo. I know, I know – what a stupid reason to not read a book, but I really don’t like the cover (don’t judge a book….yep, I know). Maybe I should download it instead, that would save the cover upsetting me….

  6. barb said

    That is really a great new applique pattern –
    love your Kaffee fabrics –
    In the end I didn’t enjoy some of the themes of the GWDT book, but I guess I’ll have to give the second book a go – happy reading

  7. The Roseville Album pattern looks fabulous (and very time consuming!) Best of of luck! I know you will use beautiful Kaffes that will make it gorgeous.

  8. Pratima said

    The blocks are all so vibrant and beautiful! Happy reading ‘ v ‘

  9. Doris said

    Thanks for the block Amy! Love it…

  10. AnnieO said

    You are a very busy quilter! That Roseville pattern is exploding all over blogland for you very ambitious and accomplished ladies. I like your aqua background idea.

  11. Colleen said

    Love Kathie’s blocks….hate Dragon Tattoo (sorry). I’ve been trying to read this first one and I’m having a hard time. Like Twilight, I find it boring. Must be something wrong with me…LOL

  12. eileen said

    those r very happy blocks! did they come from a particular pattern or just random? part of a bee? if so i’d love to see the rest. thanks for sharing!

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