City Quilts Blog Tour

You know about Cherri House’s fantastic new book, City Quilts, right?

Well, just in time for summer internet travel, don’t miss the City Quilts blog tour to find out more about Cherri, her new book and her awesome way with solid fabrics! As hot as it is outside, I’m thinking that this is the right kind of touring to be doing right now.

The tour will include lots of giveaways, including 12 chances to win a copy of City Quilts and/or a fat quarter bundle of Kona Cotton Solids and many other surprises. Each blog host will also feature a Q&A session with City Quilts author, Cherri House.

Here’s the blog tour schedule:

July 12th – Cheryl Arkison
July 13th – Amy Lobsiger
July 14th – Stefanie Roman
July 15th – Pat Sloan
July 16th – Spool
July 17th – Allie/Robert Kaufman
July 18th – John/Fat Quarterly
July 19th – Emily Cier
July 20th – Sarah/Josh Sewer Sewist
July 21st – Julie / Jaybird
July 22nd – Vickie Eapen
July 23rd – Jessica Levitt
July 24th – Kim Kight

So, pack your virtual bags and come along on the tour! It will be solidly fun. 🙂



  1. In the words of my 11 year old “I’m so totally there”.

  2. Blog tours are so much fun!! It really looks like a fantastic book. I look forward to learning more and of course trying to win a copy..Just putting those dates in my diary..

  3. Kathy said

    I treated myself to Cherri’s book at the VT quilt festival and can’t WAIT to make some of the designs. It’s the book I leaf through when I am supposed to be doing important, useful things, like my job.

    I imagine sales of Kona color cards will skyrocket worldwide by the end of Cherri’s tour.

  4. Lisa Garrett said

    I’m there too~

  5. Sandra Koehler said

    Love your new word and the interview questions. I’m so ready to make a city quilt now.

  6. Daryl said

    Solid colored quilts are so great. The book looks interesting.

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