Sew! Sew like the wind!

Just. Keep. Moving. That has been the theme of the week. Now, we did not get as hot as the places in the East, but it would have been darn easy to shut the doors and windows and turn off the lights and irons to try to stay cool. Instead, I drank gallons of iced coffee and ate a quart of ice cream. Sustenance, you know.  And tried to keep sewing. There were some lulls. I still say the best thing that ever happened in the sewing room was the addition of Netflix Watch Instantly. I’m just like the kid — turn some sort of video entertainment on a screen somewhere and I’m hooked.

Joan recently asked what was up with my cross/plus blocks. Er, um…yes, about those. OK, I had let them sit steep for a while. And then I finished the thing off today. Well, the top anyway.

I still have scads of squares and strips left, but I figured that 60″ x 80″ was big enough for my purposes. Whatever those may be. OK, that’s as big as I’d care to shove through my machine when it comes time to quilt.

But, I also started and finished this…I’m not sure what to call it but it is also 60″ x 80″ — the measurement of the week:

Rowan Quads? In recent viewings of the lovely Spa fabric collection by Rosemarie Lavin, I spied the great Spa Quads pattern by the Blue Underground Studios gals.  Did I mention it’s a free pattern? Did I mention that we love Blue Underground Studios? Whenever I see one of their patterns made up, I say, gee, I need to get that pattern. Sometimes I find that I already own said pattern. Let’s just say the archivist is on vacation and the card catalog is out of date. Agreed.

ANYWAY, lovely, lovely pattern. Fast! Large and in charge. When I started gathering fabrics, I seemed to be leaning toward the non-florals. Do you know how hard that is? Not to throw in a single floral? It was very hard for me.  But those stripes, dots and PENCILS kept me very happy.

I also toyed with this:

Gads, see the wrinkles? The SSSQ quilt-along ends on July 31. I just haven’t hit on how I want to finish this. It seemed to look quite at home as a center medallion on top of the Rowan/Spa Quads quilt top above. Hmm. More steeping required. May not get done in time.

On the other hand, the mailbox was quite busy this week. Strange how that happens when DH is away. Force fields, time travel, space-time continuum, gravity. I don’t know what it is. Oh well.


I want to eat them up! Oh dear. I ordered them with the Roseville Album in mind (perfect trees, don’t you think?) But I really think that there is a gorgeous border or background there too. I think I’ll just stick them up on the wall for now so I can look at them.

Also with the Roseville Album in mind:

::sigh:: ::swoon:: If you’re looking for the red scales for that house in the upper center large block, check with Jackie. Although, my red scales may not go for the house — I may go with pencils instead. We shall see and that’s the fun of the project, no?!

Hope you have a good weekend — stay cool or warm, accordingly. Make some butterfly blocks. Don’t forget, the City Quilts blog tour starts Monday!



  1. Ombres=love. Wow!!!!

  2. Andi said

    Slow down!! You’re making me dizzy!!!
    (Lovely work though!!)
    Andi 🙂

  3. Jackie said

    Holy smokes!! You are sewing at lightening speed!! But I have to say, everything is just gorgeous!! Funny how the mailbox swells when the hubs is away. Mine does too. By the way, I love how the thread looks on the quilt in the previous post. As always, thank you for the shout out, you are a peach!! Much appreciated!

  4. Janet said

    Drooling over every single photo here. Love the tops, the usual pinache I love from you. Those ombres are so great and oh the possibilities.

  5. Amy C said

    Lovin’ all that color. So cute!

  6. pratima said

    There is so much life in your quilts… the tops are quite striking and beautiful!
    Lovely new additions to your stash 😉 You too have a great weekend, Amy!

  7. lily boot said

    oh my! your sewing room must look like the most luscious, most delicious, most heavenly sweets shop at the moment – all that gorgeous stitchy candy! You have the eye for colour dear girl! The quilts are gorgeous!

  8. Carla said

    Amy, Your quilts are so lovely! I’ve been working on my Cross Quilt also. In fact, I have it about half quilted and will show you in the next few days. Mine is ending up around 60″X60″. Yours is so pretty.

  9. kathie said

    oh I just love the cross plus quilt. LOVE It what a happy quilt and looks fun to make as well….
    and those fabrics you bought for the quilt are perfect, aaaahhh
    love those ombres! very fun. I really think I need to start collecting more of his fabrics!

  10. Miriam said

    Ohhhh my goodness!!! So much delicious fabric!!!
    My Roseville Album pattern arrived this week and I am resisting the temptation to start it until I have some WIPs finished. Looking at all your fabrics……oh… resolve is weakening!!

    I find it very difficult to make a quilt without florals too!

  11. Cathy said

    You don’t want to know it’s cold here and we are sitting in front of the fire!! No? I didn’t think you did!! Wow, you have been very busy while I’ve been away, I love love love these quilts, your colours are gorgeous as always. Can’t wait to see your sssq quilt quilted! Mmm going to have to get me some of those Kaffe ombres! xo

  12. MichelleB said

    Looks like you’ve been busy, busy! I love what you’ve done.

  13. Kelly Meanix said

    I just love your posts and look forward them especially now. I was in a car accident, a tree fell on my car and broke 3 vertebrae in my neck. For the rest of the summer all I will be doing is catching up on my blogs for some inspiration once I can sew again. Thanks for keeping me entertained!

  14. Oh, Amy, I really needed eye candy and quilty goodness this morning. Thank you. I can’t believe your cross quilt top is done while I’m not even halfway through either one of mine. And I love your quilt from the Spa Quads pattern (thanks again for pointing that pattern out to me previously). I like it better than their version (shhhhh).


  15. sewpam63 said

    FABulous, Amy…ALL of it!!! : )

  16. Karen said

    Love, love the colours in your cross blocks. Just so yummy. How cool is that Spa Quads pattern. Its great. Those Kaffe ombres are divine. You are going to have fun with all that goodness.

  17. Mimi said

    Aren’t those Kaffe ombres just cool….. I ordered 1/2 yards and when they got here, I order two yards each….. and this is still a no buy summer…. had to laugh as I also am collecting fabric for Roseville and the yellow flower you have in your pile is also in my pile.

    Thanks for showing the fast and fun blocks as this applicate stuff is not fast and it is a relief to have some simple things to work on between the deep thinking stuff.

  18. What beautiful creations are coming out from your needle! Such cheerful, happy colors and fabrics.
    I love your new additions for Roseville!

  19. I love all of the quilts you posted but especially the first one. I haven’t made any like that but surely want to put them in my someday list. Thanks for the inspiration. I think this will be my quilting day for sure.

  20. Linda said


  21. Shirley in Canada said

    I totally love that second quilt! Oh what a fun it would be to make that one

  22. Everything looks so lovely!

    Hugs & stitches,

  23. kim mclean said

    Hi Amy,
    I’m dying to see your Roseville on the aqua background and all those Kaffe’s fabrics. The ombres are absolutely gorgeous – great fabric for applique – can use the fabrics for the circles, bird’d wings & tails ,trees…. just what we need! You have a great Kaffe stash there! Love all those squares you’ve done too. cheers, Kim McLean

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