It’s not a dry heat

I think we can officially complain about the weather. Sticky, icky. It’s been warm but not the sticky, icky kind. Until now. Come on, would I have a Slurpee before noon if it wasn’t hot? You know what though, I have been so thirsty since I had that Slurpee. That doesn’t even make sense. Oh well, I’m sure we will survive.

Despite all that, it has been a lovely week in the mail box with a theme of notions. I joined in the Scrappy Pincushion Swap a while back. And some lovelies arrived from the very talented Tia:

I can’t even stand it! I’ve been moving them around the house so I can see them wherever I am. I have been super-lucky twice because Tia was my swap partner in round 6 of the Doll Quilt Swap:

Don’t you love all that stitching?! Very, very lucky! Thank you so much, Tia!

Speaking of notions, I was quick and snapped up one of the cutest seam rippers from Lynette Anderson:

Can’t. Stand. It! I think I have to put her on a shelf and admire her because I will be sad if anything untoward should ever happen to her. Maybe Lynette will have more of these in the future…but be quick like bunnies! She and the pincushions are posing on today’s garage sale find — a pretty new tray.

Dear daughter came home from the same little sale with these:

Aren’t they sweet? But, wait:

Tee hee, a whole nesting family. They have wobbly bobbly heads too (except the wee babies).

Another garage sale find has dear daughter hopelessly addicted to Tetris now. Well, I guess a girl needs some diversions when we’re not really going outside.

I’ve been sewing. I finally had an idea for finishing my SSSQ quilt-along quilt — but it’s taking FOREVER to piece so I’m not sure I’ll get it done by the July 31 deadline. I’ll show you some progress next week. Hopefully I’ll show you progress…

I also did up this quilt top — looking kind of like it has its hair in rollers at the grocery store what with the basting pins and batting sticking out:

There are several-many moving parts in those flower tops. I’m glad to be on the other side. Now to the quilting.

And a fresh release from Dollies Online came out on the 15th. Wheee!

I made it along the lines of the pink and black and off-white basket quilt I did a little while back. Subscribers have received the pattern (it’s never too late…), but it should be available as an individual pattern shortly.

Oh, don’t forget….the City Quilts blog tour is winding down, but don’t miss all of the revelatory info on Cherri and her fantastic book! You can still enter the giveaway that’s running here until midnight tomorrow (July 24).



  1. Ohmigosh! those dollies are so darling!!!! so are those baskets!

  2. Jackie said

    Love everything here, but I have to say I can’t take my eyes off of that tray from the garage sale. Just full of color and pattern. I love it!! I have to finish up my SSSQ quilt along quilt. The top is all done I just have to get it on the long arm. Hopefully this week!

  3. Katy said

    that seam ripper is far too cute for words! I spotted it over on Sarah’s blog and was insanely jealous!

    Hope the weather cools down for you. Or you could come visit me? It’s never too hot here 😉

  4. MichelleB said

    A post full of such cuteness – I can’t stand it!

    I love Tetris. I was addicted for quite awhile – maybe I should start again. lol

  5. So much gorgeousness as I’ve come to expect from your blog. I love Tia’s things- Lucky you! I like the look of that ric raccy stuff youve got going on and your baskets are the best!!!

  6. Cutest seam ripper I’ve ever seen! Quite the garage sale score. Your daughter’s wobble-head family is pretty cool, too…

  7. Kitty said

    So, so cute!

  8. nanette said

    Catching up with you. Your projects always inspire me. You create things I really respond to. Love all the photos.

  9. Tia said

    Oh! I am so happy you like my stuff. I had forgotten how much the quilt made you matches the little jar pincushion. Sorta like I planned it, huh? Happy sewing! You are always such a great partner.

  10. susan said

    oh such finds!! i would kill for the matryshka doll kokeshis!!!
    such lovely quilts too!

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