Very nearly almost there

“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”
— Douglas Adams

Let me first distract you with pretty things…

ooooooh, ahhhh, the leaning tower of Marylebone…. so pretty!

I could not edit down my choices, so I went for the whole stack, but there are some early favorites…

Including Katy Tomato! See there, nearly on the end. The Katy print in Tomato.

These are the new Westminster Liberty prints called Marylebone and, good heavens, are they luscious! I have some thoughts on what they might become. Jackie has a great idea for them. I may be a copycat because she is so clever…but I may have an idea flitting around up there. Should you want a lovely stack of your very own or some of the prints, I do believe that Jackie can be of great assistance!

Did I distract you enough? Because I’m JUST. NOT. SURE. about my Simple Shapes, Spectacular Quilts quilt-along project. I’m just not sure I helped out that center very much…. AND it’s not quilted by the July 31 deadline. But the top is done.

The center is inspired by the Striped Donut quilt in the book using the pastel Serape fabric rather than a variety of stripes. I struggled with how to finish it off — the center part is rather small. After plopping the center on top of some other quilts, I liked the idea of the center as part of a larger piece with, hopefully, the border being inspired by a different quilt in the book. I also love the Stripescape quilt, but how to put that concept together with what I already had? Then I saw a lovely quilt by Valori Wells using her new Nest fabric — I do love those “stacked book” type quilts too. Hmmm. So the Stripescape idea met with Valori Wells quilt.

But, I am not sure I adore the result. Do you get that way after you’ve spent a long time working on something and you’re still not sure about it? You can’t distill objective thoughts on it because you’ve spent so much time with the thing? I am hoping that the quilting pulls it together for me. Although I keep seeing straight horizontal line quilting across the whole thing……… ::fades off:: Thoughts? Reflections? Critique?

Well, I did meet my goal of getting the top done by the finish of the quilt-along rather than have it languishing in the semi-finished (as opposed to unfinished?!) pile.

I hope the weekend brings you pleasant distractions and perhaps even some goals met!



  1. Stephanie said

    Leaning stack of lusciousness! WOW what a fantastic border to go with an already fantastic quilt center.

  2. Chelley Black said

    I really like it, Amy. It’s not my *favorite* quilt that you’ve made, but I like the fact that it’s very unusual. The colors are great and I do like the idea of the stacked book border. Go ahead and quilt it. I think it’s going to grow on you!

  3. Jackie said

    Oh. My. Gosh!! I love the quilt!! What a terrific stroke of genius for the border. But I do know what you mean about finishing a top and not being so sure about it. You may feel differently after it is quilted. Okay, now for the quilting, a few thoughts… circles come to mind for the interior of the quilt, possibly the whole thing, but if only on the inside then I might go with wavy lines in the borders. Crosshatching over the whole quilt may be a good choice too. But my mind keeps going to waves or circles though. Hope this doesn’t confuse your choices any. So glad you love the Marleybone. I am curious to see what your thoughts are. Too bad we can’t get together and work on them side by side!!

  4. Jackie said

    Forgot to mention, I am sitting here binding my bordered diamonds quilt. Hopefully finish it by tomorrow!

  5. Cathy said

    It’s so different Amy, I adore the colours you have used, and I think with the quilting and binding done you will love it again. I’m like Jackie, thinking circles…perhaps circles for the border and straight lines in the middle? Whatever you do I think the finished quilt will be gorgeous. Oh, can I not be tempted into Marylebone? Oh, that stack is sooo inviting! I have one piece of it only I think its the fordwhich (not spelt correctly I’m sure), and it’s beautiful. Jackie’s shop is fabulous isn’t it? Can’t wait to see what you do with all that divineness.

  6. I keep seeing it spelled Marylebone and Marleybone. Not sure of the correct spelling, or pronunciation, but it doesn’t matter because it’s beautiful Kaffe’s! I can understand why you would want a fat quarter of each piece.

  7. barb said

    wow, those new Kaffe fabrics look delicious!
    What a unique and graphic quilt – the borders are really cool.

  8. WOW!!! I love how you combined two different ideas into one amazing design! It totally works — and beautifully! And those fabrics!!!

  9. Very lovely!

    Hugs & stitches,

  10. Carol said

    I think your quilt is fabulous! The border is the BEST! Who, but you, would even think to make it that involved? Bravo, honey!!! I think it’s a KEEPER!!! Once it’s quilted, you’ll love it too, I bet.

  11. Meredith said

    I have one up now on my blog and design wall and that is how I feel. The new fabric is pretty. You said “keep seeing straight horizontal line quilting across the whole thing” my suggestion would be quilting that was maybe an allover pattern that was not horizonal. Maybe something round and curvey that dances on the top of the quilt. (maybe evern straight lines that are diagonal across the quilt top) That added movement might change how you feel about it? I think the quilt top looks good it is different then what I am used to you making. What color thread will it be quilted with? YLI had a line called Colours that I really like. They are variegated.

  12. MichelleB said

    Wow. I love it! Very wonderful. You might be tired of it (it looks like it was a lot of work), but it is spectacular.

  13. Kathy said

    I think the wonderful border is perfect with stunning centre! I love your adventurousness (could be a new word).

  14. sewpam63 said

    Fabric of deliciousness!!!

    Quilt of uniqueness. : ) I think your innovative design is successful. I LOVE the colors and fabrics you used. I see it quilted in elongated rectangular shapes – long and skinny, overlapping, horizontal, vertical and varying in size. Can’t say why, but I like the name Tiddlywinks for it. ; )

  15. Angela said

    I absolutely LOVE that quilt. The color and the boarder/second quilt thing you came up with are both perfect.

  16. pratima said

    Bautiful post, Amy! Love the stack of liberty goodness and love love love your quilt! The border makes it so special!

  17. Karen said

    I just popped in and I’m intrigued by your comments on your quilt. That happens to me all the time – I call it being “underwhelmed” :). Have you figured out what’s wrong yet? It is very striking but I’m interested to see if you tweak it.

  18. Janice said

    Fan. Freakin. Tastic.

  19. Shev said

    That is an awesome piece of piecing! I know what you mean, I love the border AND the centre both, but (I’m whispering) maybe? not? together? They are each fabulously fantastic in different ways, it just seems like my eyes are torn over which bit to look at. (Or, conversely: the innovative design makes the eye travel over the quilt!) It could be you’ll find The Quilting Design that will bring it all together perfectly! I can’t wait to see how it develops…

  20. jmbmommy said

    Ok, everyone else already said it… LOVE IT! If only I was faster with my blog reading. Wonderful quilt, please post a picture when you quilt it, I can’t wait to see it.

  21. That’s beautiful! I LOVE your quilt top. I can’t wait to see the completed quilt! And if you (somehow) don’t completely love it by then, I could give it a loving home!! 🙂

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